50 Shades of Credit Card Debt

Much like Christian to Ana, your confidence had been waning when that credit card reared its gaudy head into your life. It was flashy and adult, and you were vulnerable, intrigued by this mysterious piece of plastic and the unfettered feeling of spending on borrowed cash.

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It felt good, like a whirlwind visit to a world out of your reach. And just like Ana, you signed a contract, knowing very well that your interests and needs were not taken into account, signing away to a life of 19.99% to 29.99% interest rates, late fees and a near-constant feeling of fear and pain.

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Even though the spending never felt so good, the pain from your credit card bill comes as fast as the bruises from Christian’s whips.

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 And just like Ana, you come to realize that playing with fire is only fun for so long. Whether borrowing or bondage, the dirty vice that once gave you pleasure now just gives you pain.

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