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Mogo Rewards Program

Sometimes, you need a teensy bit more incentive to get better at the money game than just some extra pocket change, or some virtual badge that says “#1 at the Money Game!”. That’s why we’re always trying to come up with new ways to make the money game both the most fun and the most IRL-rewarding game you could possibly play.

Why Satoshis?

Cash is cool, but it doesn’t quite have the same potential to grow like bitcoin does — and that’s understating things. Bitcoin’s value has gone up by ~20 million times in the past 11 years2.

Imagine where it could go in another 11 years.By rewarding you with sats, you can stack sats risk-free and watch your winnings grow.

The latest and greatest:

Bitcoin rewards - We’ve doubled our bitcoin cashback from 1% to 2%! Earn unlimited bitcoin cashback with Mogo while better controlling your spending.

Refer a friend ($10 for you + $10 for your friend) - You will receive $10 for each friend you refer to Mogo that passes our identity verification.  Your friend will also receive $10 when they activate their Bitcoin & Rewards account.³

Mortgage rewards (up to $3,100) - Eligible MogoMembers who obtain a MogoMortgage can earn $500-$3100 in bitcoin, based on the principal amount of their mortgage. More details on reward breakdown here.

Most improved monthly credit score ($200) - Mogo will issue one Reward per month to the MogoMember with the “most improved” Mogo free credit score in such month On or about the 1st of each month, Mogo will review all new MogoMember credit scores. Eligible MogoMembers can qualify for this one time only reward

Fund your Bitcoin account with $100+ ($5) - The first time you fund your Bitcoin account with $100 & Mogo will reward you with $5 in satoshis.

Rockstar status milestone (1,000 Satoshis) - An eligible MogoMember that achieves a Rockstar credit score status, on or about the 1st day of any particular month, will qualify them to earn this Rockstar Reward”. Eligible MogoMembers can qualify for this one time only reward.

Get the app and turn push notifications on (? Satoshis) - We may or may not have a few ways for you to win sats up our sleeves. The only thing you have to know? Make sure you’ve got the app, and your push notifications are turned on.

Download the app below to get started!

So get on winning by downloading the Mogo app and activating your Bitcoin & Rewards account (MogoCrypto). Money gets deposited straight to this account as satoshis (bits of bitcoin).

Good luck!

1 - To earn Bitcoin Rewards you must be an eligible MogoMember in good standing with an activated Bitcoin & Rewards or MogoCrypto Account with the Mogo app on an iOS or Android device. Bitcoin Rewards will be subject to a two-week withdraw hold period. All Rewards described in this email are subject to further eligibility requirements and other terms set out in the MogoAccount Terms and Conditions (“Terms”), which may be changed or terminated at any time without notice. Mogo reserves the right to determine whether to issue rewards in satoshis or cCash, as further set out in the Terms. Where a Reward is determined by converting an amount of Canadian fiat to satoshis, Mogo will use the Satoshi Conversion described in the Terms. All decisions by Mogo regarding program or reward eligibility, the Satoshi Conversion, or any other matters respecting the BRP are final and binding. For full details, visit:

2 - No purchase necessary, skill testing question required. Odds of winning depend on the total number of eligible entries. This contest is subject to full contest rules (“Rules”). To be eligible for this contest you must be a MogoMember in good standing that has passed Mogo’s identify verification process, downloaded the free MogoApp and activated a free Bitcoin and Rewards Account (formerly known as MogoCrypto) as of 11:59pm on January 31, 2021. This contest begins on January 1, 2021 at 12:00 am PT and runs until 11:59pm PT on January 31, 2021. There is one (1) prize of a $5,000 load to an eligible entrant’s Bitcoin & Rewards account available to be won. You will automatically be entered to win a prize on a Draw Date, if you meet the Eligibility Criteria at 11:59 p.m. PT on January 31, 2021, as set out in the Rules. You may earn additional entries as outlined in the Contest Rules. A winner will be drawn on or about February 2, 2021. Mogo reserves the right to change or terminate this contest at any time without notice in its sole discretion. Refer to the full rules for more information.

3 - You will receive a $10 incentive for each person that successfully passes Mogo's security and identity verification process and becomes a MogoMember using the unique referral link available through your MogoAccount. If you are eligible for MogoCrypto, then your incentive will be deposited to your Bitcoin & Rewards Account within 48 hours of such individual becoming a MogoMember. If you are not eligible for Bitcoin & Rewards, then Mogo will send the incentive to you via Interac e-Transfer using the email address associated with your MogoAccount within 30 days of such an individual becoming a MogoMember. You will not be eligible for any incentives if you are in default of any of your obligations to Mogo or in violation of the MogoAccount or any other Mogo Terms and Conditions. You will not be eligible to receive any incentives if you are found to have violated Canada's Anti-Spam legislation or used any other improper method of obtaining referrals. Each person you refer to Mogo that signs up will receive a one time incentive of $10 deposited to their Bitcoin & Rewards Account within 48 hours after their Bitcoin & Rewards Account is activated. All incentives are subject to a 2-week withdraw hold period. Mogo reserves the right to change or terminate this offer at any time without notice in its sole discretion.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?