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Get Ready For Winter To Save Some Cash

We’re desperately holding onto the last few sunny days of the season, before winter creeps in and reminds us why we’ve got so many toques in Canada.

Since we’re not living in a tropical country, and the warmest part of it gets more moisture than a 6 Flags waterpark, it’s time to get ready for the season. Get smart about saving for winter and avoid spending more than you have to.

Here Comes Winter!

I was reading this article online, saying that the la Nina weather pattern is coming to during the winter months – and it’s really going to drink our milkshake.

Get ready for ‘colder ocean surface temperatures’ that will produce cooler air, more snow and more inclement weather (think two years ago).

Winter Savings Tips

•       Get your outerwear now, before the cold season starts. Get on the last of the winter sales for stuff you’ll need to buy anyways

•       Make sure your house is ‘winter-ready’.  Be sure your doors and windows have tight seals. If you rent, get your landlord to check this out. This will save on heating bills and make for more comfortable living.

•       Invest in a pair of winter shoes. One day of wet feet could mean getting sick and missing work. The price of a pair of shoes is pretty negligible when you think about time away from work!

•       Get ready for indoor activities. For me, the time to hit the town is in summer, and I turn into a bit of a shut-in from November onwards. Stockpile some movies, family games and you’ll be ready for the season.

Make the most of our last days of (relative) warmth, but get prepared for winter. You know it’s coming, so be sure you’re cash-smart about it.

Holiday Storm

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What are you looking for?