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Why Canadians are Turning to Cryptocurrency in 2021

A post for folks that don’t get or don’t care about crypto!

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have become household topics in Canada. Learn why Canadians are choosing to buy crypto here!

Why Canadians are Turning to Cryptocurrency in 2021

You’re probably reading this blog trying to understand all of the fuss. Bitcoin, dogecoin, and ethereum have become topics of conversation in circles everywhere from newsrooms to pubs.

And over the last few years, cryptocurrency has become easier to access for regular folks than ever before.

So why do we think Canadians are turning to crypto now, in 2021? And why should you care?

Wrong answers only:

  • It’s cool to be involved in a hot new trend
  • Elon Musk won’t shut up about it (or anything, really)
  • The news keeps reporting on bitcoin and we all hate FOMO

Right answers, this time:

  • Crypto is demonstrating groundbreaking alternatives to our financial processes
  • Crypto isn’t attached to a central or governmental bank
  • Crypto is here to stay

Crypto is Redefining Finance

One of the reasons crypto has made such a splash is how it has demonstrated an alternative to the current global financial system.

Currently, the global financial system is characterized in part by its opaqueness—and by fees. When we use big banks, it’s not always obvious what’s going on behind the scenes. Our money is stored, out of our hands, behind the closed doors of the banking system.

How banks work, how they use our money, and how they design fee structures is largely kept out of view. But we don’t really have another option. We have to rely on banks to act as trusted third parties for things like our electronic transactions. This is what Satoshi Nakamoto meant when they described our financial system as a “trust based model”.

Banks also charge us fees—sometimes a lot of fees, actually. Who needs it? Well. We do, still. But crypto is making the case for an alternative.

Crypto is different. Because crypto operates and is traded within a public ledger called blockchain, there’s no trust needed. The blockchain is accessible and visible to everyone, so you can always account for every single unit.

No more cashing cheques that your bank then holds, inexplicably, for three weeks. Just plain, transparent, completely accountable blockchain.

Crypto is Free of Governmental Control

Crypto is also completely unaffiliated with any government or central bank. This means, in part, that crypto can be volatile—there is no guarantee it will retain its value like there is (more or less) with governmentally sanctioned legal tender.

If the volatility doesn’t put you off, though, this relative freedom from political influence is a top selling point for many crypto users.

This makes crypto kind of like the digital version of burying gold in your backyard (but gold isn’t as volatile as crypto).

Crypto will always retain independence from governments and central banks. However, if a government chose to clamp down on crypto with unwieldy regulations or new laws, it could impact the crypto’s value.

Crypto is Here to Stay (at least, we think so!)

Canadians are also turning to crypto because it has demonstrated remarkable longevity. In bitcoin’s early days, for example, it was considered an asset designed by and for super-online basement dwellers.

But today? Banks and governments all over the world are working to take part in the crypto craze. The Canadian government has specific regulations for taxing crypto; the Bank of America considers crypto to be cash equivalent; and a few weeks ago, El Salvador moved to recognize bitcoin as legal tender.

Look, ultimately no one can predict what the future of crypto holds. It’s volatile, yes, but somehow, it’s still around.

Whether or not you choose to invest in something like bitcoin is entirely up to you. But if you are interested, we can show you a way to invest in bitcoin without ever spending a cent of your own on it.

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