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Announcing MogoTrade

Join the waitlist and refer friends to plant trees and earn early access.

What worked for past generations doesn’t work anymore. We have to do things differently.

We believe the products we use must equally prioritize our financial health and climate health in order to change the world. Together, we can create the massive change necessary to reach that goal.

So we've created MogoTrade—a trading app that’s made for this. For you. For our community. For the planet.

MogoTrade is Canada’s planet saving stock trading app. It is an active trading platform designed to empower Canadians to strive for financial freedom with confidence, and to help fight climate change while they do.

Download the app to get free live-streaming stock prices, plant a tree to help restore Canada’s forests, and be one of the first invited to trade commission-free.


Future Investing

MogoTrade is only the beginning. This is future investing—a multi-dimensional approach to active trading in pursuit of a better future.

When you trade with MogoTrade Inc., you’re investing in your financial future, our planet’s future, and soon, in futuristic financial instruments.

When you join MogoTrade, you get:

Free live-streaming stock prices

No more 15 minute delays. No more premiums paid for on-demand stock prices. Get live-streaming stock prices. Free.

Turn every investment into climate action

We partner with Canadian companies, like Flash Forest, who help restore Canadian forests that have been devastated by wildfires. Every investment you make through MogoTrade helps replant Canadian forests lost to wildfires and absorbs 500 lbs of CO2.

Commission-free trades

Your bank can charge up to $9.99 per trade. Stop paying your bank and start building your future with zero-commission trades.


Invite Friends to Reforest Canada

Canada lost billions of trees in 2021 alone due to devastating wildfires; an unfortunate symptom of climate change, and not a one-off, rare disaster.

We know that finding a place to start to help can be daunting. That’s why we’ve made MogoTrade the greenest way to invest; when people sign up for MogoTrade, we’re able to fund climate-saving initiatives doing critical work to restore expansive, beautiful swathes of Canada that have suffered the devastation of wildfires.

Flashed Forest

We’re unbelievably proud to say that one of our primary Canadian planting partners is Flash Forest, a tech-led planting initiative that uses drones to replant deforested regions which are either inaccessible or unsafe for people to access.

So when you download the MogoTrade app, or refer friends to download the MogoTrade app, we fund Flash Forest to plant a cedar, pine, spruce, or fir (or more!) in Canada, on your behalf, at no cost to you. Every time you refer a friend to MogoTrade, you’re being a climate activist.


Referring friends to the app also helps move you up the waitlist to be among the first to experience future investing with MogoTrade. While you wait for your invitation to trade, you can create your watchlist using free live-streaming stock data.

Together, we can replenish millions of trees lost to climate change every year, and make a real difference when we invest.

It’s our time to lead.

Download the app to get free live-streaming stock prices, plant a tree to help restore Canada’s forests, and be one of the first invited to trade.



The MogoTrade app is owned by Mogo Finance Technology Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Mogo Inc. Your investment account is opened with MogoTrade Inc., an order execution only broker registered with IIROC. Customer accounts at MogoTrade Inc. are protected by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). Accounts with MogoTrade Inc. are currently only available by invitation to MogoMembers in Canada (excluding Quebec) that have passed identity verification.

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What are you looking for?