Meet Lisa Skakun, Mogo’s Chief Legal & Administrative Officer

It may not look like it, but it’s not always fun and games here at Mogo. There are a whole bunch of rules we have to follow because… well, finances. The cool thing is our Chief Legal & Administrative Officer is not all about finances. Even though she knows a lot about that too. Meet Lisa! What brought you to Mogo? Lisa: I had a crush on Mogo… I’d been watching them from afar (not in a stalker way but in a “Hmmm they’re interesting and I’d like to get to know them better kind of way”) and really liked what Mogo was doing in the area of disrupting traditional banking. When the opportunity presented itself, I decided to swipe right. What does your average day look like? Lisa: We don’t have “average” days at Mogo (that’s why I came here)! I can be working on anything from our recent awesome partnership with Postmedia to developing our employee experience to eating the Cartems’ donuts that get handed out every time a new employee starts. We’ve grown from 150 employees to 350 in the past 2 years, so that’s a lot of donuts!

How to travel on a budget: 8 tips for students

Thinking of taking a trip for Reading Week aka. Spring Break? Don’t plan to blow the last three months’ paycheques on it because you’re a responsible adult and stuff? (If so, we’ve taught you well, young Padawan.) Check out these 8 ways to save your wallet from unnecessary pain while you’re abroad. 1. Book in advance. One of the most important things you can do to save money can actually be done way before you leave on your trip: book your stuff in advance! Accommodations and plane tickets (any tickets, really) are generally cheaper if you can buy them months before your trip, and if you plan to go to a tourist hotspot, you’ll probably want to get tickets to tourist sights before they sell out. 2. Don’t stay in a hotel. Seriously. Stay in a B&B or hostel instead. You’ll save so much $$, meet more people, have better conversations, and definitely get a better feel for the local scene. If you’re antsy about staying at a hostel, it’s not that scary—there are so many reviews and ratings on Hostelworld or Hostelbookers. If you really need your own space,

Ball out at the All-Star Maxim afterparty

Mogo x Maxim? Yep, it's contest time. If you live in or around Toronto, we’re giving away VIP tickets to the Maxim's All-Star afterparty at Muzik Nightclub on February 12 to meet… Shaq or Snoop. LBR, you can’t really go wrong with either one. Shaq is back You know it’s be an epic party when Shaq’s hosting. Also, he’s actually funny. There’s also going to be a red carpet, a sick photo wall, Mogo swag, and maybe—just maybe—you’ll catch a glimpse of (and/or do the Nae Nae on Muzik’s dancefloor with) some NBA ballers. How to get in Open up that Twitter/Instagram app and get posting for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the party + a meet and greet with Shaq or Snoop! Include @mogomoney and #MogoPerks in your Tweet or IG post andddddd here’s the key bit: tell us why you should be the ones going to the Maxim party with us! See full terms and conditions here. PS. If you haven’t signed up for our (kickass and also extremely useful) newsletter yet, do that now for a chance to win your

Just added a powerhouse to our squad

Question: ever heard of Postmedia? Okay maybe not, but you’ve probably heard of the National Post, the Financial Post, Vancouver Sun, Toronto Star, the 24hrs newspapers,, and, right? Mogo x Postmedia Well, these are just a few of the 200+ news media brands that Postmedia owns… and we’re really excited to let you guys know that we’ve just partnered with them to get Mogo some crazy exposure across Canada! It may be 2016, but millennials are consuming content (both digital and print) more than ever, especially if it’s good journalism. How else do you explain Postmedia still having over 12 million unique monthly online views? #FriendsWithBenefits Usually when companies want to advertise, they’ll buy that ad space and promote themselves—and that’s it. With Postmedia, we’re invested in each other’s success; they’re helping get Mogo’s name out there and we’re helping them get some $paper$ on their paper (and digital properties)/generate cashflow. Plus they’ll also be motivated to increase our long-term shareholder value—when our stock goes up, they’re happy and so are we. This kind of collab is pretty rare, especially

Which Mogo product is right for me?

MogoLiquid. MogoMini. MogoZip. Depending on what’s going on in your life, you might be needing one of these MogoMoney loans. But which one? Now that you've matched with a MogoMoney product, find out more about it! Get out of credit card debt with MogoLiquid Borrow up to $35k; rates start at 5.9%† MogoLiquid’s a personal loan that’s the perfect way to pay off your credit cards. MogoLiquid’s also a good option if you’re determined to pay off your line of credit (because payments are usually set up to go toward interest only), need new appliances, have to buy stuff for your small business, you get the idea… Avoid paying overdraft and NSF fees for your bank account with MogoMini Borrow up to $2500; 39.9% AIR Use MogoMini to cover yourself. If you’re short on cash, get MogoMini and use the loan to avoid bouncing cheques—and the resulting overdraft and NSF fees, which can really add up and hurt your bank account. Payday loans suck—get MogoZip Borrow up to $1500; rates start at $10.50/$100** If you get MogoZip, you can save up to 50% compared to a payday loan*


So we surveyed a bunch of 18–35s because we were just that curious about the top new year’s resolutions for millennials... and the top two answers were actually really close: • 26% of you want to pay off your debt • 27% of you want to lose weight In light of these two super popular resolutions, I’ve put together the four must-do things that’ll help you achieve both — well they’re key to any regime, really. New year, new you, right? Set goals To make sure that you have a target to hit, you’ve got to set your sights on something — and we prefer our goals lofty. Whether you’re setting savings goals or a goal weight, try to aim just beyond what you know you can realistically do. Hey, if you shoot for the moon, you’ll land among the stars even if you fail. Or something like that. Get edu-ma-cated Now that you know what you want to shoot for, how are you going to get there? (Without getting suckered into fad diets that have no positive effect on your body AND make you feel like sh*t?) Same goes for your money. PSA: Our

Tinder: the modern way to date. Credit cards: the modern way to spend.

Read the full article here: The Right Swipe Vs Swiping Right We love these tools for their convenience, but both can lead you into threatening territory if you swipe willy-nilly. For both Tinder and your credit score, not every swipe-right is the right swipe. Luckily, all it takes is finding the right balance of swipes and swipe-nots to reap the benefits of modern technology. The obvious answer to limiting swipe-related damage is to minimize swipes – but there are perks to swiping too. If you’re lacking in credit history a little credit card swiping and subsequent on-time payments can help build your credit score and (eventually) become an “adult.” And Tinder swipes could help you meet the right person. The problem is swiping is addictive. At first you’re selective: you only swipe for the ones that make your heart beat faster. But before you know it your standards are M.I.A., and you’re swiping at any date or shiny object. The key is to remind yourself there are consequences to sloppy swiping. If swiping your credit card is like Tinder-swiping, failing to pay back your credit card balance (which will result in interest charges) on time is

Coming soon to an inbox near you: The MogoMini snapshot

Our personal loan, MogoLiquid, has its own monthly snapshot email that updates you regularly on your loan balance, payment amounts, and upcoming payment dates. So we thought... why not one for our MogoMini line of credit too? Every loan deserves its own snapshot. Just sayin. Let’s break it down Loan status — How much was that loan you took out again? Next scheduled payment — How much are you paying next? Next payment due date — When do you need to pay by? The minimum payment amount goes toward the interest only and not the principal so to get out of debt sooner, be smart and try to make monthly payments toward your principal too. Quote — A little motivation never hurts. Coming to an inbox near you in January 2016… Get on our newsletter hit list for more updates! SIGN ME UP

The path to disrupting banking: 2015 edition

From going public and being dubbed the “Uber of finance” to shocking the world with a new version of “Netflix and Chill” and giving out condoms, here are a few highlights from the year that was. ⊲ Mogo issues first MogoLiquid personal loans with 3-min. online application and instant decisioning, vs. up to 2 weeks at a bank. Yay! ⊲ Mogo signs with Visa Canada, gets ball rolling on creating Canada’s only free Prepaid Visa® Card with Chip & PIN, multiple designs, and no monthly fee. ⊲ Mogo begins offering credit scores—free to customers, paid for by Mogo and provided by Equifax Canada. Because knowledge is power. ⊲ Mogo marries finance with fine wine, creates Adulting 101: The Price is Wrong. Getting tipsy has never been more educational. ⊲ Mogo’s data scientists lower MogoLiquid’s and MogoMini’s rates even more. MogoLiquid’s rate is now 5.9%, lower than almost all Canadian banks for an unsecured loan. ⊲ CNBC asks, “Is Mogo the Uber of finance?” ⊲ Mogo launches Automated Bank Account Verification, minimizing effort to submit documents and making it less of a pain in the a$$ to show proof of income. ⊲ First MogoLiquid snapshot is born, motivating on-time payment by delivering

Take our survey. Win free stuff.

Now that 2016 is just around the corner, it’s that time again. No, not time to regret your choices at that holiday party. Time to make New Year resolutions! We’re doing a survey to see what’s on your mind—be part of it and help us out! Everyone who takes the survey and includes their email address will be entered into a draw to win a yoga session pass to either YYoga or The Yoga Studio. Your pick!* TAKE THE SURVEY *Some restrictions apply. See full terms and conditions. Yep, we deliver too. For weekly Mogo news and finance tips, sign up for our email newsletter. SIGN ME UP