#MogoLife interview with Darren Footz, G-Kup CEO

If you haven’t heard of G-Kup, they’re a local company that makes coffee pods for your favourite Keurig coffee machine. But these aren’t your average coffee pods. How so? Keep reading to find out. ;) Q&A time Tell us a little about G-KUP. How did the idea for it come about? Darren: Being immersed in the coffee industry over the last six years, I saw firsthand the negative impact created by single-serve coffee pods. It really hit home during this one trip when we were driving through the interior of BC. I imagined designing a K-CUP using compostable materials, and after I got back home, I immediately put my ideas to paper. That’s where this G-KUP journey all started. Our mission today is to create food and beverage packaging that’s ethical, compostable, and guilt-free. What’s the most difficult part of making a non-compostable coffee pod? Darren: We’re the first with the granted patents to achieve 100% compostability, but it hasn’t been easy. It’s really hard to invent something made of compostable materials that could actually survive the entire 50-second brew cycle. The fact that it has to be made from readily

It’s official: tech people think Mogo is super innovative

We’re in the Canadian Innovation Exchange’s (CIX) Public Investor Day Top 20! Okay that’s a mouthful, but we’re super stoked because it’s a cool program designed to showcase Canada’s hottest public tech companies. Out of hundreds of Canadian small and mid-cap tech companies, tech experts and investors across Canada chose only the 20 most innovative companies. And we’re one of them. Yay! Our CFO, Greg Feller, will be presenting on November 18 in Toronto. We really hope he remembers to pack his Mogo shirt. #SquadGoals Let’s face it, the finance industry is way due for an overhaul and we’re excited to find new ways to help Canadians manage and access credit. From biotech brands to companies that are attaching cameras to satellites in space, we’re flattered to be in such good company. Check out the rest of the list. And while you’re at it, why not sign up for our newsletter to keep up with us? SIGN ME UP

Fintech vs The Banks: The Disruption Is Real

Netflix. Uber. Amazon. All three companies permanently disrupted their industries with a more convenient experience and superior value proposition (better product, lower cost) through technology. In each company’s history, there was a point at which they went from novel concept to innovator to major threat to the leading solution. Along the way, there was an oh sh*t moment for the incumbents. This is happening today in financial services through technology, as witnessed by the massive global growth in the number of fintech companies and capital being raised. (For example, U.S.-based Sofi recently raised $1 billion.) Now we are seeing third-party validation that shifts the debate from if disruption will happen to how big this disruption will be, including the extent to which the banks and their massive profits will be affected by fintech companies like Mogo. Some evidence: 1. The smart minds at McKinsey, in their recent report on the global banking industry, concluded up to 60 percent of the banks’ consumer finance profits (the core business of deposit taking and lending) are at risk in the next 10 years from fintech. Yes, 60 percent! The report highlights that the threat isn’t just the financial

Adulting 101 in Calgary

The only thing that says “I’m an adult” more than financial responsibility is a flight of wine and a plate of expensive cheeses. Bring all three of these elements together, as we did at our Adulting 101 event, and oh boy, it’s on! Watch the video for the last Adulting 101 WATCH VIDEO Where and When November 25th, 6pm-8pm at National at 360 240 8th Ave SW +30 Scotia Centre, Calgary. Tickets are free* for MogoMembers! RESERVE A TICKET *We will be charging a $20 seat reservation fee which will be reimbursed to you at the event. We will also reimburse the seat reservation fee for cancellations that happen prior to 3:00pm on November 24th, 2015. Hosted by our Financial Fitness Coach Chantel Dave Stansfield as Co-host RESERVE A TICKET Sign up for the Mogo newsletter to get exclusive perks! SIGN ME UP

5 Ways Mogo is Disrupting Banking

Money as we know it has been around for centuries. The funny thing is, when you think of the actual experience of banking, managing your money, and getting credit, it hasn’t evolved all that much (especially considering all those technological advances we’ve had). What gives? Mogo was born out of the idea that banking in the 21st century should be different from what it was. Because when 1 in 3 millennials are open to switching banks, not “at some point in the future,” but in the next 90 days*, you know that something’s pushing them away. We’ve got a few ideas. Here are five things about the whole banking experience that we think could use a little a lot of improvement: 1. If it walks like a bank and talks like a bank… run. Let’s be real here. A bank that’s represented by a guy who looks like your dad in a bowler cap isn’t exactly relatable. A bank that’s so boring and jargon-y that you miss reading your Science textbook? Bleh. And given that 71% of millennials say they’d rather go to the dentist than listen to what banks are

Adulting 101 in the 6

Toronto. Home of the Blue Jays (sorry guys, good run tho), Drizzy, and… our latest Adulting 101 event. Let’s just say it was pretty epic. Mogo x Gladstone Along with our Toronto MogoMembers, our buds Kastor & Pollux, Alyssa from Random Acts of Pastel, and Mr. Cavaliere came to chill with us at the Gladstone, a boutique hotel dressed in gorgeous Victorian architecture that will get you hooked on art. Our Financial Fitness Coach, Chantel, went through some fun tips to make your bank account happy, and Dave (our favourite sommelier from the Vancouver Urban Winery) taught us all a little about grapes and how to pick a good vino. BTW, this has to be one of our favourite IG captions that we saw on the event’s photos—thanks, @Hannahejo. “Sitting down to drink some wine and learn about financial responsibility, because being broke isn't cute.” Don’t miss out—sign up for the Mogo newsletter to get the latest news on all of our Adulting 101 events and giveaways. SIGN ME UP

Putting on our grown-up pants for BNN

Hey look, we’re on BNN talking about important stuff! Yes, that’s Chantel, our Financial Fitness Coach (you might recognize her from that Rick Ross video or your neighbourhood Adulting 101 event), giving BNN the lowdown on what Mogo is doing differently from banks. Don’t have time to check out the video? (Hey it’s only 6 minutes long, come on now.) Here are the highlights: Paying off debt quicker with gamification We love our Fitbits—especially the dashboard’s cool design. That’s where we got the inspiration for MogoLiquid’s monthly snapshot email from. Netflix and chill loop Pay Netflix with your credit card, then pay your credit card with your bank account. Chill while your credit history builds. Get ready for Mogo mortgages Yes, you heard right, we’re working on launching mortgages soon. With the full Mogo digital experience, of course. Like what you see? Check to see your rate with Mogo! It takes just 3 minutes and doesn't affect your credit score. CHECK YOUR RATE

Check your rate without affecting your credit score. Yes. Seriously.

We’ve been keeping this top-secret for a while now while we’ve been hammering out the details, but it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. Many people are afraid to check their rates and explore their options because they think it’ll affect their credit scores (and it definitely can, especially if you do it often). Not anymore, now that we’ve made it possible to see what rate you qualify for at Mogo... literally risk-free. All you have to do is check your rate here—it takes just three minutes. If you’re paying 19.99% on your credit card, you should definitely give it a go—you just might get a better rate at Mogo. There’s no commitment, so if you don’t need any credit right now, you don’t have to take it. Win-win. Go ahead, explore your options. CHECK YOUR RATE

6 Steps to Budget like Rick Ross

Budgeting sucks, but everyone has to do it. Playas gotta play, and you gotta have $$ to play - that wine date ain’t paying for itself. Besides, not budgeting is like never cleaning your apartment and then being shocked when it’s a disgusting mess and no one wants to Netflix and chill with you. So, here are some tips to make budgeting more bearable (and kick ass at it): Make the act of doing your budget enjoyable. Make the act of doing your budget enjoyable. I dread doing my budget but when I start, I get really into it and damn it feels good once I’m done. Scientific reason: our brain releases dopamine when we accomplish something. So do a budget, stick to it, and get high on your dopamine supply. Some of my students like to set a budgeting date with themselves every 2 weeks as they find it easier to manage their bi-weekly bills and income schedule that way. For my own budgeting dates, a good restaurant and my notebook are my best friends. There’s just something about using a pen and paper (and a glass of vino) that makes you feel more connected to