(How to) Get the Shot with Othello Grey and Neva Wireko hosted by Christian Confidential

Let’s face it, being an adult isn’t just about finances. You’ve got to have other essential life skills too... like knowing how to take the perfect picture. Especially because Instagram can be a ridiculously lucrative side hustle. The Photogs The Host Want more followers? Need more Likes on your photos? You should join us and lifestyle blogger Christian Confidential at (How to) Get the Shot, where photographers Othello Grey and Neva Wireko will teach you how to get the perfect shot—in any situation. Specifically, on the trampolines at Just Bounce. Date Saturday, October 17th Time Meet us downtown Toronto (location tbd) at noon to be whisked away via private transport! Location Just Bounce Trampoline Toronto Hey, if you can get it right on a trampoline, you can get it right anywhere. If you’re a MogoMember, sweet. You’ve got a chance to win a pair of tickets to this event and meet some of Toronto’s most Like-worthy Instagrammers. They’ll be documenting the day (and even taking some kickass shots of you). Watch your inbox for our newsletter—it’ll contain the contest entry form! Not a MogoMember yet? Sign up now for free

My Credit Score Sucks. Now What...

So you just checked your credit score and it sucks. Or maybe you went to borrow credit and were declined or offered a rate that is much higher than expected. Whatever it is, you’ve realized it’s time to get your sh*t together. What’s your credit score and where does it fall on the scale of zero to hero? If your score sucks, here’s what to look for: Fraud or mistakes on your credit bureau. Make sure that everything on the report belongs to you and that the info is correct. About 20% of credit reports contain incorrect information. If you spot something, it’s time to contact Equifax Canada or Transunion—and do it right away as it can take a while to resolve the issue. An alternative (and quicker way) to get mistakes fixed is to have the creditor who made the mistake deal with Equifax Canada directly to update it. Now that we’ve given you an out to blame your crappy score on a mistake, it’s time to look at other ways to fix your score. Your credit report is basically your financial report card. You need to be enrolled in

DLCxMogo: Win a ticket to Social Photography 101

Love photography? Want to know how you can turn it into a legit side hustle? We’re tag-teaming with Design Love Co. to do a photography + marketing class in Vancouver. What’s Design Love Co.? It’s a local lifestyle brand run by Marissa Cristina (an Instagram rockstar) that designs simple yet sophisticated planners and stationery for millennial women. As a bonus, Chantel (Mogo's Financial Fitness Coach & Influencer Specialist) and Stephanie (Director of Marketing) from Mogo’s team will teach you how to become a marketing mastermind. You’ll learn not only how to take the perfect pix, but also how to turn them into a moneymaker. (#DiversifyingFTW) Join us and learn all about the Rule of Thirds, perspective, framing, and how to monetize your beautiful pix. And because a little wine always helps with creativity, lunch and vino will be on us. Bring your camera, smartphone, and notebook! You can buy your ticket here. If you’re a MogoMember, you’ve got a chance to win a ticket! Watch your inbox for our weekend newsletter—it’ll contain the contest entry form. Not a member yet? Sign up now for free for a chance to win tickets! SIGN

6 Simple Men's Style Rules to Make You Instantly More Attractive

Guys, whether we want to admit it or not, we all took an interest in style for one reason; to attract women. We picked up a GQ, watched what celebrities were wearing, or even read blogs like this one to find methods to look like the guy that every girl wants. Don’t be embarrassed; I did the same thing when I first got into the game! As a seasoned men’s style enthusiast, I have studied what sets select guys apart from the rest and have compiled a list of 6 things that you can adopt right now. No matter what your age, income, or current life situation I promise if you incorporate these 6 things, women will instantly give you a second look and ultimately a shot at sweeping them off their feet. 1. Wear clothes that fit This one sounds like a no brainer, but we still have men who continuously wear their clothing 2 or more sizes too big for them. Wearing clothes that fit not only makes you look slimmer and more refined, but it shows women that you care about your appearance. Take some advice from Tom Ford: “Dressing well is a form of

Bring on Oktoberfest with Harvest Haus.

Okay, so you’re officially not going to Germany for Oktoberfest. Bummer. Good news: we’ve got some festivities right here in Vancouver that will be just as beertastic. The Harvest Haus (more details here) is returning this October with its Bavarian-themed long table, authentic food stalls (bratwurst and schnitzel, anybody?), and steins to hold your beer. Of course. General admission tickets are $25 for an afternoon sitting and $35 for an evening, but if you’re a MogoMember, you’ve got first dibs on a pair of free tickets! (Well, depending on your speed-clicking skills.) We’ve got 50 tickets up for grabs, so the first 25 MogoMembers who click the ticket link in a special upcoming email are in! When’s this email coming? Glad you asked... Sept 25th If you’re not a member yet, sign up now to be included in this giveaway (and more in the future)! You can do it online and it takes only three minutes. SIGN ME UP ©2015 Mogo Finance Technology Inc. All rights reserved. Made in Vancouver. Mogo and the Mogo designs are trade-marks of Mogo Finance Technology Inc., used under license. Visa® is a registered trademark of Visa International

Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag Giveaway

Straight from the imaginations of minimalist designers and explorers, this intelligently designed accessory will also tell the world just how badass you are. No, it’s not a ninja star; it's the Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag. And soon, it'll go straight into one lucky MogoMember's closet! Constructed of quality ripstop nylon and military-grade clips with built-in emergency paracords to save your life in even the roughest of situations, it’s no wonder this duffel took the title of “Most Successful Kickstarter Bag.” Plus, it’s ultra lightweight and water-resistant, making it just as comfortable as it is durable. Whether you’re shielding your not-so-pleasant gym socks from the world or packing your carry-on essentials to take on a weekend in Vegas like a boss, Bomber Barrel has your back. If carrying around a square briefcase doesn’t cut it for your business persona, this will get you through any day at the office, too. Because there’s no reason a duffel bag can’t look slick and still be functional, right? Think the Bomber Barrel will look good on you? Sign up now with your email to be a MogoMember and it could be yours! SIGN ME UP ©2015 Mogo

Separate to Save: Taking the Credit Out of the Card

In the name of not spending credit as if it’s the same as cold hard cash, many of us (particularly our clever Mogo Members) are starting to make sudden, brash, and life-altering realizations—starting with this: credit and cash are not synonymous. So, in order to save cash, you must separate your credit. What we mean by this is really quite simple: sometimes, ultra-convenience can bring down walls where walls must exist. What we really mean to say is this: having access to borrowed funds any time of day or night through a CONVENIENT little piece of plastic is not only risky, but also often detrimental to our financial lives as adults. We just can’t draw the line. We just can’t stop ourselves. We want it, but we can’t afford it, so we charge it. It’s just wrong. So wrong. Instinctively, we may feel the backwardness of this spending habit as we swipe the first few forbidden transactions, but over time, spending our credit frivolously becomes a way of life. This is where the real danger of convenient credit will begin to nibble away at what’s left of your credit score. 3 Ways to

Introducing: Your MogoLiquid Monthly Snapshot

If you have a Fitbit (or any wearable activity tracker), you’ve probably experienced the rush of unlocking an achievement… and the bitter blow of not hitting your day’s target number of steps/other measurement of exercise. Either way, it’s kind of fun, isn’t it? We like it. In fact, we were so inspired that we designed something similar to motivate people to get out of debt. Just sending you a boring bank statement isn’t our style, nor is it particularly empowering — and we want to empower you. Like Oprah. The MogoLiquid Monthly Snapshot uses visuals to help you keep track of your account so that you’ll be aware of things like how much you owe and when it’s due at all times. Think of it as financial fitness coaching. Let’s break it down How much was that loan you took out again? Your progress on paying off the principal — keep at it! Covers the month’s principal + interest due + optional fees* *e.g. if you chose the loan protection add-on A little motivation never hurts. Have you been making your payments on time or nah? With all this cool stuff, why not

Tell us what you want (what you really really want)

Pst. You might have heard rumblings that we’re planning to launch a new MogoCard. Well we are, and we want to know what you think because hey, you’re going to be the one using them. So tell us what you want, and we’ll do our best to make it happen for you. It’s one quick question and it’ll just take a few seconds. (Thanks, you rock.) TAKE THE SURVEY What a prepaid Visa card is NOT: Just for people with crappy credit Just for people who can't get approved for a credit card A prepaid gift card (ours has your name on it!) What a prepaid Visa card IS: An awesome tool that keeps you from racking up credit card debt Like a debit card, but can be used anywhere Visa is accepted—even online Like a credit card, but without the interest Be first in line for our new MogoCard, launching soon! GET ON THE LIST ul { text-align: center; font-size: 25px; padding: 0 10%; list-style-type: none; } ul li { line-height: 30px; } @media only screen and (min-width: 1025px) { ul li { line-height: 30px; } }

Dress for Less for TIFF 2015

The season you’ve been waiting for is just around the corner, but… oh no… you have nothing to wear and hardly any cash to get yourself fashion-fabulous for TIFF. Don’t worry, Torontonians, with the help of fashion gurus "Vanessa Cesario and Christian Confidential, we have some awesome dress for less tips to make you look (and feel) fabulous for the film festival events—without breaking the bank! TIFF #OOTD by Vanessa of The Brunette Salad Vanessa Cesario is the face behind The "Brunette Salad, a Toronto-based style blog that gives its fair-haired counterpart a run for its money! Where black and white find an enviable muse, Vanessa’s style is both minimal and glamorous, and makes us want to get inside her world… and her wardrobe. Look for versatile basics. The “only wear once” rule doesn’t apply when it comes to basics. So, when it comes to these life-changing necessities, look for versatile pieces that you can re-wear with different vibes, without anyone being the wiser! Get that great black tee, the versatile pumps, and the boyfriend jeans, and play dress-up with the rest of your wardrobe! TIFF #OOTD by Christian of Christian Confidential Giving men the