Mogo Perks: Garmin Head-Up Display Giveaway

Just because you drive a Toyota Rav 4 doesn’t mean you should be deprived the luxuries of a sports car. And with our next giveaway, you no longer have to! Slip into the sleek leather seat of that car you’ve been lusting over, or at very least look through the windshield of one. The Garmin Head-Up Display is a little gadget that will bring a world of new luxury to your old mediocre ride, while literally keeping your head up as you drive. Simply stick this device on your dash, sync it to your smartphone, and project LED navigation onto your windshield. These ultra-convenient turn-by-turn directions are clearly visible day and night, thanks to the automatic adjustment feature to the brightness level. Plus, you’ll also keep your head up knowing your estimated time of arrival throughout your journey and being alerted of possible traffic delays. Never again will you be frustrated with your phone’s hard-to-see directions (or your car’s lack of impressive features). Keep your head up, luxury is on its way! We are giving away a Garmin Head-up Display to one lucky Mogo Member! If you are not a member yet, sign up for

How to Trick Your Brain to Stop Buying Cr*p You Don’t Need

We all buy crap we don’t need. The problem is, most of us get smacked upside the head by our load of debt and our brain still doesn’t get the memo that we’ve been spending like we’re on tour with Drake. But how can I stop myself from swiping my credit card for yet another new pair of kicks when I find the last pair of Stan Smith trainers in my size?... you might be thinking. That’s right. You might be shocked to realize it’s not H&M’s socially responsible attitude that keeps you coming back, but a few simple, trickster strategies. Watch out for: red tagged clothing racks that trigger your brain to take action, roadblocks that navigate you in the direction of irresistible temptations, and classic upbeat tunes that trigger dopamine – and perhaps release an anchored memory of your last champagne shower in Vegas – making you feel sexy and happy, and encouraging you to spend, spend, spend. This part is going to freak you out, but it’s a solid tactic to push you towards the realization that you’ve been stockpiling useless garbage, probably for the better part of

Uncreditcard Your Life in Four Steps

We think the first step to financial freedom is to help Canadians move away from the aftershock of credit card overspending. No doubt, breaking away from credit cards is tough, but “Mogo’s 4 Steps to Uncreditcard Your Life” can help you bust out of the debt cycle once and for all. LOWER YOUR COST OF BORROWING Mogo is the only online lender in Canada to offer loans to a full spectrum of consumers, so whether you have credit card debt, consumer finance debt, or payday loan debt, we may have a better option. It typically takes under 3 minutes of your time see if you qualify for a better rate than what you’re currently paying. If you qualify for a lower rate loan, use that to pay off your higher cost loan and get out of debt sooner. It takes about 3 minutes only to check your rates USE YOUR OWN MONEY Credit cards have made it too easy to spend money you don’t have.  We separated the card from the credit, so you still get the convenience of a Visa Card®, but without the debt. The quicker you move away from using a credit card, the

Don’t be a Jack…. Avoid Credit Card Aftershock.

Meet Jack- the overspender. Jack’s like a lot of us. He loves the convenience of his credit card but ends up overspending every month. He’s tried budgeting but can’t seem to stick to it. Like the average Canadian (who now finds themselves in over $27k in debt), Jack is suffering from the aftershock of overspending and too much debt. Jack is out spending money he doesn’t have and keeps thinking the reward points will more than make up for it. Whenever he wants something, he just charges it to his credit card and has no real idea of what he can afford. Every month he opens his credit card statement and is shocked to find out how much he owes. He tries getting in control by sticking to his debit card but that doesn’t seem to work. Get the best reloadable prepaid card With many designs to choose from, the MogoCard is a Prepaid Visa® Card that gives you the convenience of a credit card with the control of a debit card. But unlike a debit card, there’s no monthly fee and no risk of overdraft or NSF fees. You load it with your

#MogoLife Interview – DJ Smooth

DJ Smooth As one half of The Goodfellas, DJ Smooth is one of the hottest DJs in Canada today. Along with his partner Friktion, Smooth has held down some of the longest-running and most epic club nights Vancouver has ever seen. Known for their original style, The Goodfellas hold a top 10 spot in the legendary Crooklyn Clan's “The Vault” and have plans for a U.S. invasion this year. Next stop? Las Vegas! Tell us what you’re up to these days? We’ve been really busy making music. We’d been doing residencies at some of Vancouver’s hottest clubs for years, but our creativity took over and we wanted to take things to the next level so we’re cranking out mixes non-stop. We also spin at Opus Bar, the Belmont, Charles Bar and Portside some nights. How did you get started in this industry? I started making mixtapes when I was 15 and sold them for $10 each. By the end of high school, I was moving 50-60 tapes a week, which funded my record collection. Once I graduated I started spinning at a couple spots. Then Rizk of Gman & Rizk approached us to spin

MogoPerks: Retro Gamer Crate Giveaway

Remember the retro days when all you needed were a couple of buttons to get you through a day in your virtual world? Oh the good old days. Luigi was always a pal, Yoshi was the shit, and Princess Peach… oh sweet nostalgia! These were the days before streaming services and gaming consoles that double as a Netflix portal. These were the simple days of Pop Rocks, Jaw Busters, and Pez. But don’t get too caught up in your painful memories – we’re giving away a makeshift time machine to take you back to your retro living room in your mother’s basement suite where all the action happened – just so long as you promise not to bring back that mushroom cut and denim-on-denim disaster you used to rock so hard. The Retro Gamer Crate comes to our modern-day rescue and takes us back to the good old days with all the right necessities: a Retro-Bit NES Console (easy-to-operate controllers included), 2 classic Nintendo games (randomly selected for your pleasure), and a full suite of sugar intoxication to keep you focused on the duck hunt – or whatever game you were so lucky to receive. We know it hails from

Faux Pas No More! Krystin Lee Glammed Her Digs on a Budget

Hurrah! Our room reno challenge was recently slam-dunked on a $500 budget by style guru Krystin Lee of Suburban Faux Pas. With more creativity than money at her disposal, Krystin managed to pull together a fabulous guest bedroom impressive to all guests – even most in-laws! Take a sneak peak into her glammed bedroom while discovering your inspiration for your next DIY makeover project. Headboard: Homesense | Table: Target | Lamp: Target | Magnifying Glass: Target {similar} | Candle: Diptyque | Rug: Rugs USA | Bedding: Crane and Canopy | Leopard Print Pillows: Switch Studio | Dalmatian Print Pillows: Aurelia | Tray: Homesense | Mugs: Chapters | Blanket: Ikea | Pouf: Ebay | Sheer Curtain: Ikea (pom pom trim not included) | Canvases: Michael’s | Light: Bouclair | Pant: Behr from Home Depot | Gold Star Bursts: Target © 2015 Mogo Finance Technology Inc. All rights reserved. Made in Vancouver. Mogo and the Mogo designs are trade-marks of Mogo Finance Technology Inc., used under license. Mogo Financial (B.C.) Inc. Licence 50019 & 50017 / Mogo Financial (Alberta) Inc. Licence 326985 / Mogo Financial (Ontario) Inc. Licence 4716734 / Mogo Financial Inc. Licence BC 50022 Ontario 4716733.

#MogoPerks Party - Toronto

Mogo is throwing their very first Toronto #MogoPerks event on Thursday, April 30th! We've teamed up with Kastor & Pollux to bring MogoMembers an exclusive party featuring cult accessories brand No Fun Press -- filled to the brim with free booze, free pizza, music, giveaways and art installations, to boot! About Kastor & Pollux: Combining design capabilities with social influence, Kastor & Pollux is an independent, multi-platform creative collective founded by Danielle Roche and Bianca Venerayan. About No Fun Press: The brainchild of artist Reilly Hodgson, No Fun Press is a lifestyle/accessories brand for "disgruntled people with discerning taste". Based in Toronto but loved worldwide, this cult brand is known for their signature sarcastic quotes and nostalgic imagery -- No Fun Press's top-quality pins, patches and apparel can be spotted instantly on people About Trevor Wheatley: Trevor is a Toronto based multi-media artist. His main focus is on typography, and the history of public art as seen by people on the street. His most recent work has focused on public installations. About The Creator Class: The Creator Class by content studio FREE is a community of creatives sharing their passions in music, style, adventure, arts and culture with a

MogoPerks: Man Crates Personalized Whiskey Crate

You weren’t born a sophisticated man, nor were you born with an affinity for whiskey. And even though you so desperately wanted to be a “man’s man,” the first time you drank the stuff, it came out your nostrils and disinfected the kitchen sink. Oh well, one less cleaning to take care of… But, Man Crates knows something for sure: the transformation into manhood starts with a strong drink. As does the transformation to gaining respect from your manly peers (not to mention admiration from the man-wanting ladies). That’s where the Personalized Whiskey Crate comes to your boyhood’s rescue, whisking you away into a world of handlebar moustaches, tailored suits, and Cuban cigars. The crate comes as stocked as your brotherless sock drawer: iamge1" title="" /> Two personalized, heavy bottom rocks glasses so you can throw away the Dixie cups, a couple of ice sphere molds to keep your drink cold longer (cause who doesn’t need that?), two slate coasters to protect the your mahogany surfaces, and 33 drams of whisky drinking journal to jot down those inconceivable, or incomprehensible?, drunken thoughts. Plus it also comes with some totally adult snacks to battle the Whiskey flavor

MogoPerks One Under Party!

The perks of being a Mogo Member are pretty sweet if we do say so ourselves – as you can clearly see in this video from our party at One/Under that we had last month. As proponents of the “don’t quit your daydream” lifestyle,  Mogo arranged for a fabulous night of golfing fun at One Under in Vancouver for our members – whom we love so much! From fun photo booths for those model moments (with our MogoCard props, of course) with your friends, to taking a big swing at the $50,000 hole-in-one shot, to the complimentary beer, pizza and charcuterie that was being served, this event produced countless smiles.  Every attendee also left with a Mogo swag bag full of delightful goodies from Postmark Brewing, Later Magazine, and One Under. If you didn’t make it out to this event, do not fret! There’s plenty more where that came from. Mogo is throwing their very first Toronto #MogoPerks event on Thursday, April 30th! They’ve teamed up with Kastor & Pollux to bring MogoMembers an exclusive party featuring cult accessories brand No Fun Press – filled to the brim with free booze, free pizza, music, giveaways, art installations