Watch the MogoTeam describe the new account experience

We’ve been working hard to create a seamless, interactive MogoAccount experience with each of our products displayed in an intuitive dashboard — accessible from anywhere. If you’re brand new to Mogo, creating an account is faster, easier, and just downright better. You can create an account in just 3 minutes and have access to your free credit score, and everything else the MogoAccount has to offer. On top of all that, the new MogoApp for iOS is here! It’s already one of the most popular finance apps in the App Store, sharing space with PayPal (omg!). It gives you the full MogoAccount experience, on-the-go, with added features like push notifications showing you your transactions when you use your MogoCard. Cool, huh? Who better to tell you all about the new MogoAccount experience than the MogoTeam. Check us out. Already a MogoMember and have the MogoApp? Share the video with a friend, so they can learn how to get their free credit score too. Apple, App Store and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries

Hot off the press

Our Financial Fitness Coach and Credit Score Expert, Chantel Chapman, shared her best budgeting tips with the Globe and Mail in their Gen Y Money segment. Watch below to get schooled on everything from why your credit score is important to setting a daily budget. ▶ 3 ways to cure your summer binge spending 💳 💸 ▶ ‘Give yourself a Rick Ross spending account’ and other millennial budgeting tips 💰 💰 If you’re not a MogoMember, sign up now to get free monthly credit score monitoring CREDIT SCORE ME Already signed up? Learn more about your Mogo credit score

Introducing the new MogoAccount dashboard and the new Mogo iOS app

If you’ve logged into your MogoAccount recently, you’ve probably noticed a few changes—actually a lot of changes. We wanted to make your account experience as intuitive, intelligent, functional, and enjoyable as possible. Our Product and Design teams worked tirelessly over the past year to create a seamless, interactive experience. We took your feedback as well, so we could build the best possible Dashboard for your financial needs. Okay, and we also wanted it to look super cool. The New MogoAccount Dashboard We knew it was important to give you a full snapshot of all your Mogo products right when you log in. So, you’ll see your MogoMoney (whether you currently have a loan or what you’re pre-approved for if you ever need it), your MogoCard balance, and your current credit score. From here, you can get into the nitty gritty in each section by using the side navigation. And, if you’re brand new to Mogo, creating an account is faster, easier, and more intuitive. You can create an account in just 3 minutes and have access to your free credit score, and everything else the MogoAccount has to offer. *captured on August 30, 2016

What’s an Equifax credit score? Do I only have one credit score?

We’ve partnered with Equifax* to offer the first free credit score with free monthly monitoring in Canada. Equifax is the largest credit bureau in Canada and is the bureau most used by lenders when making decisions on your credit-worthiness. You can have multiple credit scores. If you’ve checked your credit score with the Equifax consumer website (or somewhere else), you might notice a difference in the score you got vs. your Mogo credit score. Here’s why: 1. Your credit score changes every day and credit bureaus each have different credit score reports. 2. The credit score you get directly from Equifax (vs. the one we give you) uses a slightly different model for weighing different factors in your credit history and is primarily intended for educational uses. 3. The credit score we give you is a leading score used by a variety of lenders in various industries. That’s important because it’s the score that will help determine whether you get a loan - including when you apply for a mortgage. Do you know your Mogo credit score? Get it now, with no impact to your score. CREDIT SCORE ME Already signed up? Learn more about

Your Mogo Credit Score

We’re updating our credit score dashboard to make your experience even better, and it’ll be part of the MogoAccount very soon. Here’s a glimpse of it so you can get as pumped about it as we are. We’re the first company in Canada offering free credit score with free monthly credit score monitoring - and it doesn’t impact your credit score. Your credit score is basically your adult report card. It’s a great indicator of your financial health and it’s used to determine your eligibility for things like getting a mortgage or even renting a property. Our new dashboard gives you a full view of your credit score, with monthly updates, and info on how you stack up to other Canadian’s scores. We break it all down for you below. a. Your past month’s score. b. Your current score and where you rank on the credit score scale. c. The difference in points in your credit score from last month (whether that’s higher or lower). d. Equifax is the most widely used credit bureau in Canada. We’ve partnered with them to bring you the score closest to that used

Credit score tip of the week: Don’t miss payments

Let me tell you a tale… quite possibly a familiar one in your own life. So, Topshop has their annual sale on, which of course I have to hit up. I spot the highly coveted Olivia Palermo bomber jacket which of course just happens to be the last one left and is in my size. I head to the register, bomber in hand, ready to take home my fashion find. As I reach for my wallet, the salesperson tells me I’ll get 15% off if I sign up for the store credit card and use it today. I’m all like, sweet I’ll take it. I charge the $141.33 to my new store credit card, and head off into the sunset. The next day (being the responsible adult that I am) I transfer $140.00 from my bank account onto the store credit card. I’ve got it covered right? A few weeks later, I get a statement in the mail from the store, which I immediately throw in the trash without even opening it. In my mind, I’ve taken care of it. Next month, the same thing happens. Repeat step 1: straight into the trash.

Big News - Introducing Canada’s first free credit score with free monthly updates

We’re super excited to announce the launch of our new MogoAccount and iOS app which include Canada's first free credit score with free monthly updates. We’ve been giving you free Equifax credit score since way back when, and now we’re the first company in Canada to offer a free updated credit score every month - from the convenience of your laptop/smartphone. Cool or what?? You can open a MogoAccount in just three minutes, and you get instant access to your free Equifax credit score, plus access to an instant no obligation loan pre-approval and our MogoCard (now in beta). Like many other industries, banking is facing digital disruption as consumers, led by millennials, look for convenient digital access to products that make it easier for them to manage and control their financial lives. Unlike a typical experience opening a bank account, with the MogoAccount there’s no need to visit a branch and then wait days for the account to open—this all happens practically instantly. And, you don’t need to switch banks. The MogoAccount is designed to work alongside your current bank account, giving you added value and utility that your bank or credit

We asked Toronto’s top chefs how to be an adult

Last week we wrapped our Mogo x Underground Chef Co. Speaker Series, and streamed it live on our Facebook page from the #MogoLounge. If you missed it, don’t worry, you can check out the videos here. We had the best chefs in The Six under our roof (did we beat Drake to it??), and besides revelling in their entrepreneurial greatness, we also got the inside scoop on their upcoming projects—and how they hustled to where they are today. Although most of them don’t consider themselves grownups yet (or ever?), they shared some gems in response to Chantel’s signature question: “What’s your #1 Adulting tip?” Sign up to get exclusive invites and info on upcoming Mogo Events. #MogoPerks SIGN UP NOW

Adulting 101: Korean Skincare Edition Vancouver

Yes, we’re still talking about washing your face and being an adult. Our Adulting 101: Korean Skincare Edition event went down on August 4th in Toronto at the #MogoLounge and it was off the hook. We couldn’t have our West Coasters missing out on the K-beauty craze, so we’re bringing the event to Vancouver. Image by Racinneca If you have no idea what we’re talking about, here’s a recap: We’re combining our notorious Adulting 101 class with the latest and greatest in K-beauty, for an evening you don’t want to miss. Our very own Financial Fitness Coach, Chantel Chapman, will be schooling you on how to whip your finances into shape with info on credit score, budgeting, and other important adult things (all in our signature game-show style obvi). And, nothing says being a grownup like washing your face before bed in spite of how many vodka sodas you’ve had. Like paying your credit card on time, living within a budget, and not spending your entire paycheck on kombucha - a good skincare routine is part of adulting. We’ll have Esme Smith (K-Beauty Advisor and Director of Operations at People Footwear)

#AskAnAdult: What’s your day rate?

How much money do you need to survive a day? Not sure? Financial Fitness Coach, Chantel Chapman, has some tips and tricks to help you budget your money. This week on the Kastor & Pollux blog, the adulting question comes from Alyssa Lau, owner of super cool minimalist fashion-line, New Classics Studio. She asks: "Hey Chantel! Staying on budget is tough, especially when there is so much good food to buy. What are your favorite tips when it comes to budgeting? Do you use any phone apps or tools to help?" Hey Alyssa! First.. I feeeel you girl. My guiltiest spend is on food. I buy ALL the food. Smaller cost items are usually the ones that get you. Often, you don’t put much thought into them on an individual level, but food steadily shrinks your bank account while your ass grows. Another one that gets me is app purchases and subscriptions. For example, when people subscribe for things like music streaming apps, on-time payments are automatically set up. For that reason they can be suuuper easy to lose track of! I like to limit myself to 2 apps that I absolutely need and 2 apps that I really