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The adulting tip that's kept Shaq's baller status in check since '92

Heads up, exciting stuff coming your way. Our Financial Fitness Coach, Chantel, is going to be doing a new series that’s all about financial literacy called #AskAnAdult.

In her first video, Chantel get's some adulting tips straight from ballers, vloggers, and other VIPs at the Maxim NBA All Star Weekend party.

Some of the Cameos:

  • Shaq—it's Shaq
  • Terrence Ross, Toronto Raptor
  • Danny Garcia, WBC Welterweight Champion Boxer
  • Nicole Arbour, YouTuber
  • Bianca, Kastor + Pollux
  • Tom Liston, Executive VP of Difference Capital

Watch the video now

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What are you looking for?