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Cut Your Electrical Bill In 3 Simple Steps

I don’t know about you but there have been months where I opened up my energy bill and wanted to have a heart attack. For something that is so necessary to comfort and survival, electric power can be deceptively expensive. Here are three simple tricks that will help you save on your energy bills. The savings add up month after month and year after year as long as you continue to use them.

Tip #1: Keep Things Clean

Clean out your air conditioners, heaters, fans, refrigerators, etc. at least once each month. Dirty appliances cost more to operate and they are less effective than clean ones. Make sure you defrost your freezers and change your filters regularly. Mark the maintenance dates on a calendar so that you don’t forget, and have everyone in the family pitch in.

Tip #2: Manage Your Airflow

Whether you have your heat on in the winter or your air conditioner on in the summer, airflow plays a big part in how much you pay to stay comfortable. Close up the basements, attics, chimney and any rooms that you don’t use regularly. This keeps the temperature stable in the rooms you do use, and it will save you a surprising amount of money each month. Small space heaters and free-standing fans can also go a long way toward keeping you comfortable without costing an arm and a leg.

Tip #3: Lighting

You are probably already aware of the energy-efficient and long-lasting light bulbs that are being sold – but did you know that the position of the lights in your room could affect your energy bill? If your lights are poorly placed throughout the room, you will feel the need to turn on more and more lights to be comfortable. Do you have lamps rather than ceiling fixtures? Try moving your lamps to different areas of the room. You can also try using very light colored lampshades to get more light out of small lamps. Oh, and if you’re not already… open the drapes and blinds and take advantage of the natural light whenever you can!


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What are you looking for?