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Get mortgage-free with a smarter mortgage

Imagine a mortgage experience that makes it easier (and more fun) to achieve mortgage freedom. That motivates you to stay on track, offers rewards for making your payments on time, and ultimately helps you build wealth through your new home. Yes, this exists—in the form of the new MogoMortgage.

Getting a MogoMortgage

Convenient, simple, fast.

When you think about the process for getting a mortgage, the words ‘simple and easy’ or ‘fast and fun’ probably aren’t the first that come to mind. But, we're changing that.

Main Mogo Dashboard: snapshot of all your Mogo products in one place, including your MogoMortgage

Step 1 in your MogoMortgage application: are you renewing or a first-time home buyer?

We take the stress out of the equation, pre-approve you within one business day (commitment-free!), and make the entire process seamless and fast. Less time going back and forth on documents (and haggling on rates) means more time celebrating your awesome milestone. (Hello housewarming!)

No bullsh*t rates.

Some banks advertise higher rates and make you fight to get their best ones. Why post a 4.5% rate when your real rate is 2.5%? Yeah, we don’t get why banks do it either. The rates we show you are our actual rates. Always. And they’re market-leading. That's the way it should be. Imagine if you were shopping on Amazon and the prices were just a starting point for haggling that you had to negotiate. Sounds weird, because it is.

Example rates. Get updated rates in your MogoMortgage dashboard.

Where do our low rates come from? Well, we're a licensed mortgage broker and we work with top lenders (including big banks, credit unions ad non-bank mortgage providers) to find you THE best mortgage rates and products available.

No pants needed.

Old way of getting a mortgage: go to a bank, meet with someone, followed by a whole lot of back-and-forth. We know you’re busy, and we know that’s a hassle.

The Mogo way of getting a mortgage: a convenient, fully online experience, from pre-approval all the way through to your first monthly payment. Use your computer or mobile app, from wherever you want.

And since getting a mortgage is a big deal and you’ll probably still have questions, we’ll set you up with a dedicated MogoMortgage Specialist. They’re on salary, not commission, so you won’t have to worry about awkward sales pitches. Your specialist will be there to review your options with you after your pre-approval, remind you of your appraisal appointment, and even help you find a lawyer. No need to chase them down for info—you’ll get daily update emails, be able to live chat with them, and even get personal text messages keeping you up to date. We got you. 👊

Having a Mortgage

We’ll make it easy for you.

To successfully pay off your mortgage, that is. Getting a mortgage is exciting, but paying it off is liberating. To get you there, we’ll give you tools and inspiration to reward you, help track your progress ,and show you how much wealth you’re building by making those payments.

And because terms like 25 years can seem like a long time, we’ll break it down for you into one-year goals that are more digestible and less intimidating, with rewards built into your payment progress. Have a nice dinner on us to celebrate getting one year closer to paying off your mortgage, why not?

Get mortgage-free. Really.

We’re all about #FinancesWithBenefits. One of the major benefits? Helping you get in control of your financial health. And perhaps the single best way for Canadians to do this is by simply getting mortgage-free. That’s what we designed the MogoMortgage to do.

When it comes time to renew your mortgage, we'll help you keep your amortization on track so you can become mortgage-free faster.

MogoMortgage dashboard: Overview of all your mortgage info, including your monthly payments, and current mortgage amount

Through your customized dashboard, we’ll show you the value of sticking to your payment schedule and ultimately paying it off and becoming financially independent (just in case you needed the motivation). Whether it’s by visually breaking down your mortgage data with helpful charts or rewarding you every year for making your payments, we’ll make it (gasp) actually fun to build your net worth and get closer to mortgage freedom.

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What are you looking for?