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#MogoPerks: Garmin Head-Up Display Giveaway

Just because you drive a Toyota Rav 4 doesn’t mean you should be deprived the luxuries of a sports car. And with our next giveaway, you no longer have to! Slip into the sleek leather seat of that car you’ve been lusting over, or at very least look through the windshield of one.

The Garmin Head-Up Display is a little gadget that will bring a world of new luxury to your old mediocre ride, while literally keeping your head up as you drive. Simply stick this device on your dash, sync it to your smartphone, and project LED navigation onto your windshield.

These ultra-convenient turn-by-turn directions are clearly visible day and night, thanks to the automatic adjustment feature to the brightness level. Plus, you’ll also keep your head up knowing your estimated time of arrival throughout your journey and being alerted of possible traffic delays.

Never again will you be frustrated with your phone’s hard-to-see directions (or your car’s lack of impressive features). Keep your head up, luxury is on its way!

We are giving away a Garmin Head-up Display to one lucky Mogo Member! If you are not a member yet, sign up for free here:

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?