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MogoMoney update: an even smoother app experience

Another day, another update. We’re excited to share some important improvements made to the MogoLiquid experience for all pre-approved customers.

With every product update we make, there’s really only one big question we focus on: does this create a faster, easier, and more seamless experience for our customers? We’re always aiming to answer this question and it’s what you should expect with any further updates down the road.

But for now, let’s get into what’s included in the upcoming enhancements made to MogoLiquid:

Improved in-app loan customization

We’ve made it a lot easier for MogoLiquid customers to provide their information and customize their loan amount. Now a fully in-app experience, users can pick the exact amount they want, pick the date of their first payment, and more.

Clear status updates

Users will instantly receive a push notification, email, and in-app status change at each stage of loan progress. No need to wonder what’s going on with your application or whether your latest status is fully up-to-date.

Faster application processing

We’ve improved clarity, efficiency, and flow of our online application for members, so now it should only take minutes to complete — meaning you can get your application reviewed and loan funded even quicker.

We hope you’re excited as we are for these new updates! Again, we’re about making positive steps forward in what has typically been a fairly stressful experience (taking out a personal loan), turning it into a far simpler and more transparent experience.

“The last time I applied for a loan was through a bank 15 years ago. [This Mogo] experience has left me in awe of what technology has become. A flawless encounter with such an amazing company thus far made this experience very smooth and effortless.”

- Ryan, MogoLiquid customer

Learn more about MogoLiquid here.

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What are you looking for?