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Save Money With These 5 Springtime Car Tips!

Below are 5 springtime savings tips that all car owners should read. They require little effort and your wallet will thank you!

1. As you may know, your car’s weight is not evenly balanced over all four tires. It’s bound to be heavier near the engine; that’s why rotating your tires on a regular basis is so important. It will help maintain an even tread wear, and help you get the longest life out of your tires.  Your tires should be rotated every 8,000 km for optimal performance

2. Your winter tires should be stored in a cool dry place away from electrical motors. Store your tires inflated, side by side, or one on top of the other to ensure they are good go for next season!

3. Warmer weather brings April showers, May flowers and summer thunderstorms. Did you know it can take up to 4 times longer to stop on a wet road than a dry one? And in a downpour, driving too fast or driving on worn-out tires can cause your tires to hydroplane. This can lead to loss of control and possible accidents. So slow down during a rainstorm, and make sure your tires have been inspected and have sufficient tread and inflation for proper traction.

4. If you do a lot of highway driving you might want to increase your tire pressure by about 4 extra pounds per wheel to compensate for the higher speeds or heavier loads. Taking proper care of your tires can increase tread life by as much as 50 percent at virtually no extra cost and improve your fuel economy.

5. Many drivers forget to check their “fifth” wheel. But spare tires lose air pressure over time, too. And the last thing you’d want in an emergency is to discover your spare tire is flat and have to pay for a tow!

Enjoy the salt free roads and happy driving!

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