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ATTN: Calgary, check out your local food blogger's bakesale!

Are you ready for some cupcakes, Calgary? Casel Marché is the scene of some great work by Calgary’s food blogging community. Join them on February 11 and 12 as they raise cash for the Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids Society. Show up between 10am – 5:30pm for treats from 20+ of Calgary’s top food blogs. There will also be wine tastings, food trucks and more great ways to fill your mouths while giving back to charity. They have previously raised over $1200 for Meals on Wheels, so you know they’re going to be bringing it this time out. Get some treats and support a great cause this week. Their Facebook Page gives a great rundown of the event and a full listing of the involved bloggers. Image from the awesome poster designed by Chelsea Klukas. See the full poster below:

Saving Money In The City: Why It's Not As Expensive As You Think

Sometimes it seems like living in the city is costly. In some cases it can be; property is usually more expensive, car dealerships charge a little more inside the city limits not to mention the gas stations! Added to all this you feel more pressure to keep the same standard of living your neighbors do, because you live closer to them. Then there’re the choices… instead of having one or two options for dining out you have hundreds, or even thousands – enough really to eat out every night. Plenty of ways to go over-budget, eh? It doesn’t have to be that way though. The amount of variety available in the city works in your favor too. For every top-shelf choice there are many, many frugal choices that you can make. Let’s take a look at two of them: Free events  – You don’t find much of this outside the city limits (or at least not always the productive kind that you can take your family to.)  Cities offer festivals, concerts, and educational opportunities – all for free. Grab your local paper and see what’s scheduled for this month. I guarantee you will be surprised. The ability to