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What’s that thing on the back of my twenty? – A look at art and culture on Canadian currency

I recently returned from a 14 month trip around Australia and S.E. Asia. Both regions have an abundance of rich cultural heritage, evident in their art. Trudging through the Vancouver Airport I noticed a piece of our own cultural heritage, a large greenish sculpture I recognized as a Haida piece. I knew I’d seen it before but I couldn’t quite place where. Later, when buying my first Double-Double since 2010 I saw it staring up at me from the back of a $20 bill. The Spirit of Haida Gwaii [http:/

Tim Hortons introduces their newest cup size, and it's huge

Well, Tim Hortons is bringing out the big guns. Yesterday, via their official site [], Timmy Ho’s announced that their previous double-double holders weren’t big enough, so they introduced a new version of the extra large – and it’s definitely living up to the name. It’s a 24oz steaming hot beverage – and for those of you keeping track at home – that’s bigger than the Venti (20oz) from Starbucks. Here’s what the PR rep from Timmy’s had to

Canadian comfort food: Toronto's best poutine

As temperatures plummet and February looms, the warm, cosy lure of the Canadian comfort meal beckons. You know what this means; French fries smothered in gravy and topped with creamy curds. That’s right, there’s nothing that warms the cockles quite like poutine. Poutine became the national de-facto dish because everyone was too lazy to make Tourtiere. This lowly dish from the province of Quebec has risen to the lofty heights of being Canada’s most love national cuisine. For the uninitiated, pou