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Vancouver’s Best Holiday Markets

Like most people, I find it next to impossible to go to just one place and find everything on my Christmas list. My friends and family are all so different from one another that it can be super stressful to shop for them in a time-saving way. I’m also allergic to big box stores and shopping malls, which certainly doesn’t make the process easier. Or at least, that’s what I thought, until a friend dragged me to a Christmas Craft Fair. I admit that I was totally biased and unschooled, because in my mind I was picturing weird fluorescent lighting, crappy coffee served in Styrofoam cups, and dozens of grannies selling handmade tea cozies and those crocheted weird dolls that hold toilet paper…you know the ones. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (toilet paper dolls are people too…or something) but I wasn’t about to buy my then 21-year-old sister a hand-knitted sweater vest with pom-poms on it, if you catch my drift. Anyway, I was totally wrong (I’m sorry, crafters everywhere) because the Christmas Craft Fair was A-MAZING. There was everything from handmade jam to amazing recycled jewelry to beautiful party

Summer Savings Part 3: How to Make December Easier, Start Saving Now

Look, I know it’s summer. We’re all thinking about BBQs, the beach and what we’re going to do for the next long weekend. But what if I told you a little bit of planning now could make the holiday season in December much easier on you? That snapped you out of your summer coma. Whatever December brings your way, it’s usually an expensive month. We all know it, but somehow it always manages to sneak up on me. Travel expenses, presents, winter tires for the car or the hottest new toy for the kids – it really adds up. Do your part now to ensure December is a little easier on your wallet so you can sit a little softer when the season finally comes. Spend your time with family instead of worrying about money or taking a second job hauling Santa’s sleigh. Automate: This is the best and easiest way to do it. Automate a few payments to make December as easy as possible on yourself. Once per month, I automatically deduct $65 from my checking account. It gets put into a bank account marked “December”. After 12 months ($65 x 12), I’m left

12 Days of Christmas Contest: Santa Came To Town!

The 12 Days of Christmas Contest is behind us so we wanted to recap all the winners! We had thousands of entries and so much excitement that we think some people may have started believing in Santa again. In total we gave  away 24 prizes, 1 set in our 11 stores and 1 set on our always growing Facebook page. Congrats again to all our winners! Day 1 | $50 Pre Paid Visa: Donna W. & Kevin D. Day 2 | Amazon Kindle: Heather J. & Philip K. Day 3 | $50 Keg Gift Card:  Mike D. & Lisa K. Day 4 | $25 iTunes Gift Card: Debbie W. & John B. Day 5 | $25 Chapters Gift Card: Kim S. & Wanita R. Day 6 | $100 Cold Hard Cash: James S. & Hector G. Day 7 | $25 Tim Card: Vanessa K. & Tim B. Day 8 | $25 Starbucks Card: Steven S. & Facie C. Day 9 | $50 Sport Check Gift Card: Desiree R. & Shelley W. Day 10 | $50 Future Shop Gift Card: Pieree D. &  Jennifer M. Day 11 | $150 Spa Gift Card: Susan P. & Joyce C. Day 12 | XBOX 360: Andy N. & Sharon B. We can’t wait to hear

12 Days of Christmas Contest: $1000's in Prizes!

At Mogo we love Christmas so beginning December 13 we’ll be giving away something awesome everyday on ourFacebook page! Click here for a sneak preview of all the prizes. To win you’ll just have to tag yourself in the photo of what we’re giving away that day. In the mean time drop by our Facebook page and join 10,000+ fans who get access to the best deals, quick savings tips and exclusive contests!

Inexpensive Holiday Gifts That People Love & Will Save You Cash

The holiday season is right around the corner and it will soon be time to start picking up gifts for your friends and loved ones. We already showed you how to start saving up for Christmas presents so now it’s time to pull the trigger and actually get the gifts. You can absolutely keep your costs down and still bring some great holiday cheer. With a bit of thriftiness, creativity and effort, your gifts will mean a lot to the recipients without busting your holiday budget. Use these tips as a jumping-point to start your holiday shopping. Keep It Personal Photos, scrapbooks and anything that reminds that special someone of you will mean a lot more than an expensive gift. For example, two years ago, I got my fiancé an empty photo album… stick with me. The point of the gift is for us to put one photo/year into the album and it will grow over time. It was a $20 gift that should last a lifetime. Cooking/Baking (no fruitcakes!) I love eating around the holiday season – and I’m sure you do too. With so many parties and events to attend, consumable presents are an easy