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3 Great Father's Day Presents On A Budget

Father’s Day 2011 is just about here, and it’s time to start thinking of a great present for dear old dad. If your father is anything like mine, he doesn’t want you to make a big fuss, or spend a ton of money on him for Fathers Day. Luckily for Dad, and you, there are some great ways to spend a little and give a lot this time of year. Keep to the traditional gifts and you’ll be light on the wallet, while still making sure your dad has a great day. Here are some of my favourite low-cost Father’s Day presents and activities to make for a special day on a light budget: 1. The Right Steak This one is foolproof in my family. If it’s Father’s Day and it’s my Dad and I, I’ll stop at the butcher to grab a few steaks and light the grill as soon as I arrive. There’s nothing like some good dude-time on the back deck while cooking a steak. Dad loves it, and the only cost is dinner. It definitely means more to pick out steaks and cook at home – rather

Save $100 in 10 Minutes: Your First Trip to the Bank

If you’ve got some little spenders running around the house, it might be time to start teaching them a little about saving and responsibility with cash. A little work while they’re young can go a long way towards encouraging solid spending habits and a lifetime of benefits. When you ask around with your friends about when they started having their own bank account, you can bet that those who are better with their cash now, had a good early start. Getting the jump on personal finances can start with a quick ten minutes. I would recommend front-loading the financial experience with a little bit of work. Whether you’ve got an extra project around the house, a neighbor who needs some help or just some house cleaning you’ve been putting off for a while, it’s great to show kids how they can earn money through hard work (great concept, right?). Work out a deal with your child that they can keep half of the money to spend on something fun, while the other half goes into their first bank account. This will sound impossibly grown up to them, and the responsibility of it will feel awesome.