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Mermaid Hair DIY with Kastor and Pollux

Buzzfeed declared that Grey hair is all the rage. (#GrannyHair Is The Hottest New Hair Trend On Instagram ). We all know that a fresh new colour at the stylist can set you back a hundred or two so we paired up with our favourite trend setters, Kastor and Pollux to learn how to DIY this style for only $20! Check out the video here! © 2015 Mogo Finance Technology Inc. All rights reserved. Made in Vancouver. Mogo and the Mogo designs are trade-marks of Mogo Finance Technology Inc., used under license. Mogo Financial (B.C.) Inc. Licence 50019 & 50017 / Mogo Financial (Alberta) Inc. Licence 326985 / Mogo Financial (Ontario) Inc. Licence 4716734 / Mogo Financial Inc. Licence BC 50022 Ontario 4716733.

DIY Halloween Haunted House for under $30

This Halloween, turn your humble abode into a pit of seething horror for the neighbourhood kids with a few simple house-of-horror pranks. You can give your kids a thrill or create the ultimate Halloween party location without spending a fortune. The first step is to demarcate the path through your house of horror. You may choose to do this in your garage, in your garden or make a pathway through your living room by using garbage bags which can be split open along the sides for added length. Lay the bags down on the flooring to show participants which path they should follow. You can also cover walls and furniture with black bags for added effect. Play a suitably spooky Halloween soundtrack. There are many on offer for free download. Here are a few to get you started: Spooky Soundtracks The Blue Smoke Band Free Halloween Online Radio Stations AOL Radio – Halloween Halloween Pandora – Halloween Music Doomed SomaFM Salvage polystyrene packaging from your local appliance stores and cut out tombstones. Paint them with a sponge to get a weathered look. Make it extra scary by writing the names of your party guests onto the tombstones. Create