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It's national take your dog to work day

Your favorite day of the year is about to make you (and your dog) wag your tails in excitement: it's almost National Take Your Dog to Work Day! We're giving away $250 bucks to one lucky owner/dog combo who can show us the true meaning of love and companionship - with four legs, a tail, and for once, the opportunity to join you in the office! *For full contest rules, go to this page and click the "Terms & Conditions" tab Upload your image to our INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and TWITTER account. © 2015 Mogo Finance Technology Inc. All rights reserved. Made in Vancouver. Mogo and the Mogo designs are trade-marks of Mogo Finance Technology Inc., used under license. Mogo Financial (B.C.) Inc. Licence 50019 & 50017 / Mogo Financial (Alberta) Inc. Licence 326985 / Mogo Financial (Ontario) Inc. Licence 4716734 / Mogo Financial Inc. Licence BC 50022 Ontario 4716733.

Feed Your Pet Right & Save!

1. Make sure you feed your pet the “right” amount of a balanced diet.  Trying to save money by under feeding your pet, or by feeding your pet a poor diet, will cost you down the road with additional vet bills.  And your pet will be a lot less happy.  On the other hand, over feeding your pet, or providing them a high-calorie but unbalanced diet, will probably increase your food bill, as well as result in more health problems for your pet as they age. So, save some money by feeding your pet properly, and have a happy pet. 2. Ask your vet what kind of diet and type of food (not brand) would be best for your pet, and yet be affordable.  Your vet should consider your pet’s general health, particular medical conditions, activity level and age.  Do not feel obligated to buy your pet food from your vet.  It will probably be more expensive and the same type of food can be found elsewhere.  Your vet is already being paid for their medical advice.  Where you buy your pet food is a separate consideration. 3. Once you know the type of diet recommended by your vet,