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Toronto's Vodka Bars - A clear drinking guide

Swing a cat on the streets of Toronto these days and you’re bound to hit a vodka bar. The bars are all the rage among the suited denizens of the financial district and come replete with communist era decor. Vodka bars in other cities tend to be insufferably stuffy and like to pretend that Russia had nothing to do with it. But here in Toronto, we celebrate the struggle, the endurance and the borscht that it took to make vodka the breakfast of champions. Pravda – provides some of the best ‘value’ This bar is truly dedicated to the enjoyment of vodka. Even if you are not a fan of vodka, you will be once you have had the drinking experience that its uncannily large vodka selection offers. Oh and they make food too. The decor is Stalin chic and it will leave you feeling like an undercover 007 agent deep in enemy territory. There is a “Gulag” style jail cell for larger groups and for functions, you can order an ice bar with ice shot glasses which is just a brrrrrilliant way to enjoy vodka. Add a side of caviar to that and you’re partying like its 1969.

Kick One Habit and Take A Vacation Instead!

Habits can be budget-killers. It’s a lot more fun to go have a drink, a smoke, a latte, or a dinner out than it is to worry about how much it is costing you to do those things each month. It’s really human nature. Who wants to feel deprived, or like a slave to their budget? Who wants to go without the things they enjoy just to save some money? Well, the trick is to not go without. Don’t give anything up. Just decide whether or not the habit is worth the money. If the habit is worth it to you, keep it. If it isn’t, ditch it and give yourself some motivation. Kick that habit and take a vacation instead! Let’s take a look at a few habits, how much they cost most people, and whether or not you really could take a vacation if you wanted to. Smoking – Let’s say you spend an average of $60 a carton, and smoke three cartons a month. That’s $180 a month, or $2160 a year. If more than one person in the household smokes the same amount, you’re looking at $4320 per year.