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Amazon Will Now Buy Your Old Gear

Lately, I’ve been on a big cleaning spree. My apartment is looking more and more bare and I’ve been using it as an opportunity to put a bit more cash into my pocket. There are the traditional routes of selling gear: garage sales, friends, classified ads or taking it online to sites like eBay or Craigslist. But those methods all take time and relying on other people to come check out the gear, meet at a set time, and then haggle over the price. Sometimes it’s worth it, but others it’s much for of a hassle. Well, the world’s biggest online retailer is getting into the Trade-In game, and this could be an excellent opportunity to trade in some of your old gear. Amazon now has a trade-in site section and it’s well-worth a look. Items available for trade in: • Cell Phones • Tablets • Digital Cameras • Video Games • DVDs • Text books Check your closets, shelves and trunks to see if you’ve got any of these items collecting some dusk (when they could help you collect some cash). This is perfect for people that already use Amazon for online shopping – as the funds you get

Clean the Closet and Make Some Cash

While this blog has a lot to do with Smart Spending, here is an opportunity for some Smart Earning. Take a look around your place. If it’s anything like mine, you’re going to spot some clutter. There are hobbies that never caught on, games you don’t play anymore, and probably a chair that sees fewer butts than an airline ashtray. Why not turn some of that mess into cash? Stop living in an episode of Hoarders and take this opportunity to earn some bucks for something you will use. You’ll thank me, and your wife/husband/roommate will thank you. I’ve got a 10-month rule with stuff in my place. If I haven’t used it in 10 months and I’m not just about it, it’s gone. I list it for free online and sell it or get rid of it. That way, I’m keeping my place clean and bringing in some extra cash… possibly for the next thing that will sit around and get sold. Ways to Sell Online The biggest and best sites for selling your goods online are: Craigslist(local classifieds viewed by millions of people/day) Ebay(online