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#MogoLife Interview with Chris Jerome, Hawkers Market/Hawkers Wharf

**Chris Jerome** Food is a lot more than just sustenance – it’s a way of life. Just ask Chris Jerome, founder of [Hawkers Market]( and soon-to-be Hawkers Wharf in North Vancouver. Hawkers Market is a traveling, underground food market that acts as a launchpad for foodpreneurs in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. As a true foodie and businessman, Chris is usually busy tasting his foodpreneur’s creations when he’s not mentoring them or coveting the most mouth-​watering spots on the West Coast. Check out our full interview with Chris below: OUR INTERVIEW WITH CHRIS **What’s it like to be a foodpreneur, mentoring other foodpreneurs?** Food Entrepreneurs are a sensitive bunch. They do what they do generally to make people happy because in turn it makes them happy. They don’t really work a day in their lives if that’s true. They generally have different motivations in business than money and are heavily influenced by art, music and people. Food Entrepreneurs are a unique bunch, like sensitive artists. **What is it about noodles, oysters, and beer that gets you most excited?** Individuality. These things touch all our senses and when you eat or drink something

#MogoLife Interview with Paul Davidescu

**Paul Davidescu** As the CEO and co-founder of [Tangoo](, [Paul Davidescu]( knows all about the startup life. Whether it’s going up against the panel on [CBC’s Dragons’ Den ]( building partnerships with brands like [Donnelly Group](, it’s all in a day’s work for this busy entrepreneur and his crew at Tangoo. In the few short years since Tangoo first launched in Vancouver, they’ve rolled out the app across all major Canadian cities, doubled the size of their team, and recently completed their latest round of funding. Sounds like they’ve got the #startupgrind down to a science! OUR INTERVIEW WITH PAUL **Can you tell us a bit about Tangoo?** [Tangoo]( is driven by the idea of bringing people together through real-world social experiences. Tangoo recommends restos, venues, bars and cafes that fit a certain mood – like a romantic night out, happy hour with your crew, or a business dinner to impress a boss or client. You can use the app to coordinate social outings that get you offline and socializing in the real world. **You recently appeared on