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Make Your Own Popcorn & Save Big Bucks

You can read a lot of financial advice out there that tells you to cut back and remove unnecessary expenses from your life – but sometimes you just need to treat yourself. A while back, I told you about supplementing your entertainment budget with Netflix instead of hitting the theatre to see movies with your family… now I’m a big fan of saving cash while sitting on my couch – but I miss one big part of the movie-going experience: the popcorn! Microwaved popcorn just doesn’t cut it for me, and somehow I almost always wind up burning it and setting off our smoke detector – leaving me waving a newspaper at our smoke detector, wishing I was at the theatre. But fear not! Leave the microwave bags out of this after checking out this tip: make your own movie-theatre-quality popcorn with four simple (and cheap!) products: • A whirly pop popcorn popper (available in any kitchen section or on Amazon for ~$20) coconut oil • Flavacol (this is what makes movie theatre popcorn taste like movie theatre popcorn) All the big chains buy and use this stuff. Trust me! • Oh yeah… popcorn (the cheapest ingredient!) Just follow the instructions with your whirly

Save on your Entertainment Budget with Netflix

Like most of you, entertainment is a big part of my budget. Little cuts can make a big difference – especially when it comes to recurring costs and subscriptions. With any high-speed internet connection, you can take a big bite out of your cable TV bill by trying out Netflix started out primarily as a mail-based DVD delivery service. You’d ‘rent’ movies online, and they would ship you the actual DVD in the mail. When you were done, you’d send it back and repeat the process. However, as internet speeds have improved, Netflix took their whole operation online. You can now stream entire movies and television shows right onto your TV or computer within seconds. How Much it Costs Netflix is only $7.99/month. That’s less than the cost of a movie package from my cable provider – and with Netflix, I decide when the movie starts. You get the first month free – so I definitely recommend that. To get the free trial, you need to input your payment information, but the paying doesn’t start until the second month (and you fully try out the features!). Unlike a lot of subscriptions, you can get out