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Summer Savings Part 4: Techniques for Cheap Summer Trips

The August long weekend is looming and many Canadians are hitting the streets for a classic road trip. The common concern: pricey gas! Mogo is here with Five Great Tips to Save on Gas this Summer. These five tips are all simple and will save you a few bucks. While they might not be huge cash savers, if you stick to all of them, you’ll definitely notice the impact on your gas receipts. Travel light: Think before you pack! Extra items like golf clubs, roof racks, bikes and extra bags will add more weight to the car. If you can cut down in a big way, you’ll spend less money on gas and be a lighter, cheaper vehicle. 2. Plan your route: Nothing says ‘wasted gas’ like driving an extra few Kms on the highway, rounding the block while you look for a hotel or spend time looking for a place to go. If you know exactly where you’re heading and have maps, you can cut down on extra gas and mileage. Spend your time having fun, not looking for the fun. 3. The right tire pressure: Your tires can be draining your gas budget much more

4 Tips to Get Your Car Ready For Summer

This ice, rain and snow are finally (hopefully!) leaving us and Canada is warming up again. That means it’s time to get your car in tip-top shape for the summer. We’ve shown you how to winter-proof your car, so here is the yin to that yang. Getting your car ready for summer is a pretty quick fix. Check out the following tips for some quick ways to save some bucks as you’re gearing up for summer and ready to hit the road. 1. Kick the tires If you’re still riding on your winter wheels, and winter is gone, it’s time to switch over to your summer or all-season tires. The lower-profile tires are going to get better mileage, and be much better suited to our current driving conditions. As always, it’s a great tip to monitor your tire pressure. Not only can uneven/low tire pressure give you worse gas mileage, but it’s dangerous. So check it out! 2. A quick service If you’re like me, it’s probably time for an oil change or regular service on your ride. Get the quick change and overview. Like tire pressure, proper maintenance is