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Summer Savings Part 4: Techniques for Cheap Summer Trips

The August long weekend is looming and many Canadians are hitting the streets for a classic road trip. The common concern: pricey gas! Mogo is here with Five Great Tips to Save on Gas this Summer. These five tips are all simple and will save you a few bucks. While they might not be huge cash savers, if you stick to all of them, you’ll definitely notice the impact on your gas receipts. 1. Travel light: Think before you pack! Extra items like golf clubs, roof racks, bikes and extra bags will a

A Cheap Day At The Beach

Well, Canada. Summer is finally here! We slogged through months of rain, snow and clouds and even thought it’s nearly the end of June we can finally welcome some of the warm weather. This is a great season for spending some great quality time with friends and family – and best of all, it’s totally easy on your wallet. So this weekend, when you’re looking for something to do, why not head to the water? Whether you’re on one of our fine coasts, or inland and close to lakes/rivers/pools, start you

Long Weekend Getaway Savings Tips (Part 1)!

There are few things in life as happy and satisfying as taking a well-earned vacation. Long weekend vacations are one of the best ways to maximize fun and minimize expenses. Use these five tips to make your long weekend vacation stress free and affordable. 1. Use a single vacation day for uber long weekends – Did you notice Canada falls on a Thursday this year? If you used just 1 vacation day you end up with 4 days off in a row, which is a good chunk of R&R! Watch the calendar and look for ways