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Say Cheese: an ode to cheese in Toronto

Hard, soft, blue or stinky, I have never met a cheese I didn’t like. I’m no expert; in fact, I’m more lactose junkie than I am curd nerd. Sheep, goat, buffalo, reindeer or regular cow’s milk cheese all have my personal seal of approval. No matter what your taste in cheese, Toronto has an almost overwhelming selection for you to choose from. If you want a more French village feel, head to Kensington Market for the greatest concentration of cheese shops per capita in the city. Global Cheese can be a little overwhelming; bazillions of cheeses bump shoulders with crowds of eager customers who vie for the attention of the friendly staff. Don’t be intimidated. There are plenty of staff members, so you won’t have to wait long and they are super helpful with cheese suggestions to suit any occasion or taste. Generous with samples, you can give their cheeses a try before you settle on one you like. Also in Kensington Market is the fabulous Cheese Magic which specializes in sheep and goats cheese varieties. The Cheese Boutique is a great place for the novice and connoisseur alike. The enthusiastic staff will wheel

Go figure: Lace up and get down - skating in Toronto

Skating activities in the city of Toronto help to make winter fun The reticence of Old Man Winter to get with this year’s seasonal program has put the kibosh on many of our fun winter activities. But now as temperatures drop (finally!) the outdoor skating rinks owned by the City of Toronto are fully operational and open to the public. The Nathan Phillips skating rink outside of city hall is well maintained and supervised and the best place to see and be seen for a weekend skate. Skates and gear can be rented onsite if you don’t have your own. Those crazy cats at the Harbourfront Center Natrel Rink bring you a skating event like no other. It’s DJ Skate Night from 8-11 on Saturday nights. Lace up to get down at their awesome boogie nights, each one featuring a new DJ with unique beats. You can experience everything from disco to reggae… on ice… for free! You can skate during the day too; the lakeside Natrel Rink has beautiful views, indoor changing area and a restaurant. If you don’t actually want to don your skates, there are many other ice-related activities to enjoy. The Toronto

Saving Money In The City: Why It's Not As Expensive As You Think

Sometimes it seems like living in the city is costly. In some cases it can be; property is usually more expensive, car dealerships charge a little more inside the city limits not to mention the gas stations! Added to all this you feel more pressure to keep the same standard of living your neighbors do, because you live closer to them. Then there’re the choices… instead of having one or two options for dining out you have hundreds, or even thousands – enough really to eat out every night. Plenty of ways to go over-budget, eh? It doesn’t have to be that way though. The amount of variety available in the city works in your favor too. For every top-shelf choice there are many, many frugal choices that you can make. Let’s take a look at two of them: Free events  – You don’t find much of this outside the city limits (or at least not always the productive kind that you can take your family to.)  Cities offer festivals, concerts, and educational opportunities – all for free. Grab your local paper and see what’s scheduled for this month. I guarantee you will be surprised. The ability to