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❗️ We’re giving away a total of $50,000. Seriously. [ENDED NOVEMBER 30, 2020]

Long story short:

We want all Canadians to live a zero debt, zero CO2 lifestyle. That’s why we’re giving away a total of $50,000 to our members through a contest that starts from now until the end of the year (1). Additionally, we’ll offset 50,000 pounds of CO2 to help Canadians get to carbon neutral and solve climate change. Hence, the 100k Contest!

Short story long:

We want to keep helping you crush your debt and your CO2 emissions.

$50,000 total given away = You being in better financial shape, paying off your debts/staying out of debt.

$50,000 total given away = 50,000lbs of CO2 that Mogo is committing to offset.

How do I win? It’s easy — every month until the end of 2020, refer any and all of your friends, family (maybe even that Tinder date? 🤫) to Mogo, no entry limits. Your first chance to win starts now.

The first draw is on November 5th — get your first entries in before midnight on October 31!

Entering is easy, and so are the rules:

  1. Get your unique referral link in your Mogo app, or in the email we sent out to our members. You’ve got unlimited entries each month, so shoot the link over to your friends and family!
  2. The person you refer has to successfully sign up with Mogo for your entry to be eligible.
  3. When the new month begins, you must refer more new members that successfully sign up to put in new entries. For more details, click here!

Why is Mogo doing this? Debt is one of the most consistent leading stressors among all demographics in Canada. A new TransUnion reports that over 70% of Canadians today are concerned about paying bills. Following this, a poll conducted by Abacus Data says the existential dread of climate change is also up there with “things Canadians worry about”.

So, we want to help with both.

We’re dedicated to helping Canadians get out and stay out of debt, along with committing ourselves to offsetting a pound of CO2 for every dollar spent on the MogoCard. Plus, for the $100k Contest, we’ve committed to offsetting 50,000 lbs of CO2 - that’s 1lb per $1 for $50,000.

We've partnered with Offsetters, one of Canada’s leading providers of sustainability and carbon-management solutions, to make this happen. Our current carbon offset project is the REDD+ Amazon Forestry Project. The Amazon Rainforest is the world’s largest natural carbon sink on land and home to 30% of the planet’s known biodiversity. This project protects 130,000 hectares of land in a region with one of the highest deforestation rates in the Amazon. You can learn more details about this project here.

Happy contesting! ❤️

Not a member? Sign up now with Mogo to start referring your friends & family, and enter the contest!


Who is allowed to enter?

To be eligible for entry you must be:

  • A registered, verified, MogoMember
  • A legal resident of Canada (excluding Quebec)
  • The age of majority, or older, in your province/territory of residence or older at the time of entry
  • Have a valid email address associated with your free MogoAccount

What are the prizes?

For each draw, there are 11 available prizes totalling $17,000:

1 Prize of $10,000

4 Prizes of $1,000

6 Prizes of $500

There are three draws total. In case you weren’t keeping count, that means that we’ll be giving away a total of $51,000 throughout the whole contest!

When are the draws and when do I need to enter by?

November 5, 2020, December 4, 2020 and January 5, 2021.

To be eligible for the November 5 draw, entries must be received by October 31, 2020 at 11:59:59 PM PT.

To be eligible for the December 4, 2020 draw, entries must be received by November 30, 2020 at 11:59:59PM PT.

To be eligible for the January 5, 2021 draw, entries must be received by December 31, 2020 at 11:59:59PM PT.

How can I find my referral code?

In the Mogo app! Even though your referral link doesn’t mention the contest, don’t worry; any referrals you drive from there during the applicable period count, 100%.

When does a referral count as an entry?

In order for your referral to count as one entry, they have to successfully sign up with Mogo.

When do my referrals have to sign up for Mogo by?

Your referrals would have to sign up before the end of the award period. So, for example, if you refer a friend in October, they would have to successfully register for Mogo within the calendar month of October to count for the November 5 draw.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer per month?

Nope! Refer away! The more you refer, the more entries you’ll get.

Do I have to refer new people for each month of the contest?

Yes — you must refer new members that sign up for Mogo to be eligible for the next month’s draw. For example, if you refer 10 people in November, those would not extend to December. If 5 of those friends sign up in November, and the other 5 who didn’t sign up are referred again & sign up in December, that counts for December!

Who should I refer?

Your real friends and family members, please! That means your sister, your brother, your spouse, your mom, your dad, your BFF, or your whole squad. Basically, all of the people that you care about that you want to help get to Zero Debt and Zero CO2. But, to be clear, this isn’t an invitation to spam your sister’s ex-boyfriend’s cat’s old owner. In fact, if we find out that you’re doing something like that, you’ll be disqualified so just don’t do it, okay?

How do I know if I’ve won?

We’ll contact you! Make sure that you keep your email address up to date and that you’re checking it after each draw date. If you win, we will send you an email with some instructions and a push notification, so make sure you have the Mogo app installed and notifications turned on! There are a few legal boxes that we’ll need you to check. You’ll need to take all of the steps explained in that notification email within 3 days. If you don’t, you’ll be disqualified and we’ll draw someone else, so it’s really important that you’re keeping your eyes peeled!

I’ve got more questions.

If you’ve got more questions, please refer to the Official Contest Rules.

Terms and Conditions:

1 -  No purchase necessary, skill-testing question required. The 100K Contest starts September 21, 2020 at 12:00AM PT and runs until December 31, 2020 at 11:59:59PM PT. This contest is open to new and existing MogoMembers who meet the contest Eligibility Criteria outlined in the Official Rules (including passing Mogo’s know your client verification process), and download the free Mogo app (only available on iOS or Android). Draws will occur on or about November 5, 2020, December 4, 2020, and January 5, 2021 (the “Draw Dates”). To be eligible for each draw, entries must comply with the Official Rules and be received during the applicable Entry Period (as set out in the Official Rules). Any friend or family member that you refer must pass Mogo’s know your client verification process to receive an eligible entry. There are 11 available prizes on each Draw Date: 1 prize of $10,000, 4 prizes of $1,000, and 6 prizes of $500. All decisions by Mogo respecting the 100k Contest are final and binding. By participating, you agree to be bound by and comply with the Official Rules. See Official Contest Rules & Regulations for full contest details.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?