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10 cool gadgets for your office

Office workers of the world; your jobs are about to get a whole lot cooler! Here are some office toys to help to brighten your work day while keeping down your carbon footprint. This geekery is sure to get your that coveted ‘Employee of the Month’ award.

Nappak Portable Sleeping Cube

The inflatable Nappak is easy to store and takes up almost no space at all. Research shows that employees who enjoy a little afternoon siesta are more productive, healthier and happier. Not only do they work harder, but they take fewer sick days, and stay in their jobs longer. When you feel the afternoon lethargy setting in, simply plug in your Nappak, inflate and snooze!

Carpet skating

Do you know what improves productivity and worker morale more than napping? Carpet skating! Strap these little suckers onto your shoes and they turn you into an Olympic-grade figure skating champion. Never be late to a meeting again, take toilet breaks in record time, get to the copy room first – you’ve never been more efficient than you will be in carpet skates.

USB Beverage chiller

Keep your soda cool this summer with this nifty little beverage chiller. Just plug the cooler into a USB port, place your soda on top and the chiller will keep your drink at a cool 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Desktop Jelly Fish Aquarium

Not kidding! You can have your very own jelly fish complete with aquarium. The 7 gallon tank has an inbuilt filtration system, lighting and enough room for 5 jellyfish. You can plug it in and let it run for a couple of days before the jellyfish, live rock and food are delivered to your door.

Your office should be a fun, joyful place to be since you spend so much of your time there. Adding a few of your own gadgets to lighten the mood can certain help improve office relationships.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?