It's national take your dog to work day

Your favorite day of the year is about to make you (and your dog) wag your tails in excitement: it's almost National Take Your Dog to Work Day! We're giving away $250 bucks to one lucky owner/dog combo who can show us the true meaning of love and companionship - with four legs, a tail, and for once, the opportunity to join you in the office! *For full contest rules, go to this page and click the "Terms & Conditions" tab Upload your image to our INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and TWITTER account. © 2015 Mogo Finance Technology Inc. All rights reserved. Made in Vancouver. Mogo and the Mogo designs are trade-marks of Mogo Finance Technology Inc., used under license. Mogo Financial (B.C.) Inc. Licence 50019 & 50017 / Mogo Financial (Alberta) Inc. Licence 326985 / Mogo Financial (Ontario) Inc. Licence 4716734 / Mogo Financial Inc. Licence BC 50022 Ontario 4716733.

#MogoLife Interview – DJ Smooth

DJ Smooth As one half of The Goodfellas, DJ Smooth is one of the hottest DJs in Canada today. Along with his partner Friktion, Smooth has held down some of the longest-running and most epic club nights Vancouver has ever seen. Known for their original style, The Goodfellas hold a top 10 spot in the legendary Crooklyn Clan's “The Vault” and have plans for a U.S. invasion this year. Next stop? Las Vegas! Tell us what you’re up to these days? We’ve been really busy making music. We’d been doing residencies at some of Vancouver’s hottest clubs for years, but our creativity took over and we wanted to take things to the next level so we’re cranking out mixes non-stop. We also spin at Opus Bar, the Belmont, Charles Bar and Portside some nights. How did you get started in this industry? I started making mixtapes when I was 15 and sold them for $10 each. By the end of high school, I was moving 50-60 tapes a week, which funded my record collection. Once I graduated I started spinning at a couple spots. Then Rizk of Gman & Rizk approached us to spin

A Man’s Guide to the Best Spots in Toronto

For most of us Torontonians, hibernating until the flowers bloom is a rite of passage. But what if you’re tired of waiting for mild temperatures and want to see what the city has to offer right now? Well, you are in luck!  Before you start bundling up, take a second and check out my guide of the best spots in Toronto for all of you guys out there. 1. BATL Axe Throwing** *Address: *33 Villiers Street & 213 Sterling Rd If you have ever been a fan of the “Lord of the Rings” movies or secretly always wanted to become a lumberjack, yielding an axe has definitely crossed your mind. Recognising a void for this unique thrill, Matt Wilson took this idea and ran with it. In 2006 he created BATL, a space where men and women can get the sensation of throwing axes. If you are having doubts, Wilson’s motto is “everyone wants to throw an axe, they just don’t know it yet!” For more information visit: 2. Mankind Grooming Studio *Address: *477 Richmond Street West & 212 Eglinton Avenue East Whether you’re looking to update your appearance or just want to be

#MogoLife Interview with Chris Jerome, Hawkers Market/Hawkers Wharf

Chris Jerome Food is a lot more than just sustenance – it’s a way of life. Just ask Chris Jerome, founder of Hawkers Market and soon-to-be Hawkers Wharf in North Vancouver. Hawkers Market is a traveling, underground food market that acts as a launchpad for foodpreneurs in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. As a true foodie and businessman, Chris is usually busy tasting his foodpreneur’s creations when he’s not mentoring them or coveting the most mouth-​watering spots on the West Coast. Check out our full interview with Chris below: OUR INTERVIEW WITH CHRIS What’s it like to be a foodpreneur, mentoring other foodpreneurs? Food Entrepreneurs are a sensitive bunch. They do what they do generally to make people happy because in turn it makes them happy. They don’t really work a day in their lives if that’s true. They generally have different motivations in business than money and are heavily influenced by art, music and people. Food Entrepreneurs are a unique bunch, like sensitive artists. What is it about noodles, oysters, and beer that gets you most excited? Individuality. These things touch all our senses and when you eat or drink something that has been

The Top 3 Collections at TOM* Toronto Men's Fashion Week

Not too long ago I had the privilege of attending the second annual Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. Held in the heart of the city at Yonge and College, this years show featured 20 Canadian designers showcasing a wide range of styles and aesthetics. The week brought men from all over to catch a glimpse of what is going to be in stores come Fall. With special appearances from musicians, such as Kardinal Offishall, as well as some notable hockey superstars, TOM* showed that menswear is alive and well. To get you all caught up on what you missed at TOM*, I put together a recap of the 3 best shows that stole the spotlight this season. Worth by David C. Wigley blended his Scottish roots with his iconic street wear aesthetic into his latest collection for TOM*. Wigley showed metallic moto-jackets, fur ensembles, as well as kilts in traditional tartan plaids; think Marlon Brando meets the highland games. HD Homme is the master of making sleek and sexy evening wear for men. This season Designer Hussein Dhalla featured fabrics including calfskin, leather, and faux fur in an all black colour palette. The collection included luxurious overcoats, razor sharp tailoring,

#MogoLife Interview with Jackie Kai Ellis of Beaucoup Bakery

Jackie Kai Ellis - Life is sweet. Just ask Jackie Kai Ellis. Between whipping up pastries that will blow your mind at Beaucoup Bakery, hosting foodie holidays in France (The Paris Tours) and writing all about food, she’s on a permanent sugar high! She took off her apron just long enough to dish on Vancouver’s hidden gems, her fave spots to get her grub on, and the secret to the perfect cookie. #nomnom OUR INTERVIEW WITH JACKIE What’s a typical day in your life like? First things first, I check in on Beaucoup every morning. Each day is different, but it’s usually a mix of meetings, taste testing for the bakery, and creating recipes for TV appearances and articles I’m working on. Right now I’m writing for Scout Mag, Van Sun, Vitamin Daily, Hayo and the Food Network. Where do you get your inspiration for your recipes? I love eating and discovering food, and originally I started cooking so I could taste those hard-to-find recipes that I couldn’t track down anywhere in Vancouver. Part of my inspiration comes from trying different flavours and dishes when I’m travelling. Earlier this year, I was

These New Year’s Resolutions Have Had It With You!

Oh great. It’s a new year. A time when we humans have decided to thrust a stake in the ground and declare the many ways we shall improve in our  very core humanness in the year to come. No pressure or anything. We don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer on the situation. Resolutions can be great! There are those among us that really take them to heart and emerge as fit, smart, clever and funny people who use their weekends to volunteer and clean up litter.  They are an inspiration to us all. At Mogo, we’re in the business of growth and success, so we’re pretty chummy with resolutions. You could say, we rub elbows with them on  a daily basis. This year, we wanted to get to the bottom of the problem. So, we asked the three most popular of resolutions (not to brag, but, they are good friends of ours) to write directly to you and dissect the problem from their opinion. Hi, it’s your gym membership. I can’t make excuses for you anymore. Do you hear me? Don’t look me in the eye on January 1st and make a

Moments On Instagram That Will Forever Define 2014

With the world turning more and more towards social media for pop culture and world news, it isn’t a surprise that Instagram houses many moments that will forever define 2014. If you haven’t already seen these trending events splashed across the feeds of the most populated Instagram accounts over the course of the year, you must have hibernated far too long. Or maybe your iPhone screen broke? No need to panic, though – just scroll down and we’ll get you caught up on the year in just minutes.  JANUARY Pharrell spearheads a trend apparently worth stealing (and repeating throughout the year) with his debut of the Vivienne Westwood’s Mountain Hat at the Grammys. FEBRUARY Sochi Olympic Gold Winner, Mikaela Shiffrin, stops by the @voguemagazine offices and has her pretty token photographed – making this one of the “most liked” images of the Olympics 2014.  MARCH While hosting the Oscars this year, Ellen Degeneres spearheads a billion dollar selfie (which also became the most retweeted message of all-time) with star-studded group including Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, and Meryl Streep. It also got 1.3 million likes on Instagram.  APRIL Cara Delevingne puts her

#MogoLife Interview with Daniel Torjman of 18 Waits.

Daniel Torjman - We recently got the privilege to talk menswear with Daniel Torjman, Creative director of the clothing label [18 Waits]( 18 waits is a menswear brand that prides itself in exceptional quality and superior craftsmanship. The brand has a real authentic mid western vibe, while still maintaining a tailored elegance. Since founding the brand in 2008, Daniel has been featured in a number of high profile publications including Men’s Health, [The New York Times](, Flare, Macleans, and many more. Not to mention his extensive client list that includes [Patrick J. Adams]( from the hit show [Suits]( OUR INTERVIEW WITH DANIEL How would you describe your style? Elegantly dishevelled. What got you into fashion in the first place? I always loved clothes and expressing yourself and who you are by what you wear. Ever since I was young it interested me. What is your favorite item in your wardrobe? A super old vintage Bob Dylan t-shirt. **You feel your best when wearing…** A hat. And great socks. How do you approach getting dressed every day? I wear

Kastor & Pollux's 5 Holiday Gift Guides and Do More With Your *BAE* On A Budget

Happy Holidays err’body! Are you ready to #GetJolly this year? Or are you sad and suffering from broken bank account syndrome? Don’t worry – as usual, we’re here to save the (holi)DAY! Whether you were on Santa’s naughty or nice list this year, you don’t need to be naughty with your credit cards in order to DO MORE over the holidays. We got together with Kastor and Pollux to format this message in an entertaining way and wound up creating the “Do More With Your BAE On A Budget” video. Check out the video below to see how you and your S.O. can do more but spend less this season — with fun & festive pastimes like sharing a hot cup o’ cocoa or caroling off-key. If you’re trying to do more but spend less in your holiday gift giving this month, Kastor & Pollux– along with Mogo’s Prepaid Visa® Card – have your back. Over the past couple of weeks, Kastor & Pollux posted five gift guides to their Instagram account — each with items under $100. The goal was not only to round up some thoughtful gifts for your luv’d ones, but