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10 jobs that pay Canada’s average salary

According to the researchers at, the average Canadian salary is right around $42,000. Depending on your neighbourhood and spending style, that’s enough to get by in the great country.

Obviously there are Canadians spread all across the wealth scale, from the Thomsons, right down to us average Joes. If you’re a kid looking for careers, or are just interested in what the average is, here’s a list of 10 jobs that are right in that $42K sweet spot:

-       Medical Lab technician ($42,600)

-       Guidance counselor ($41,500)

-       Construction worker ($42,100)

-       Locksmith ($42,900)

-       Payroll clerk ($42,500)

-       Used car salesman ($41,700)

-       Window repairer ($41,300)

-       Custom tailor ($42,900)

-       Travel agent ($41,900)

-       Credit investigator ($42,200)

There you have it. If you’re looking for an expected average salary, look into those career opportunities. Also on the list at CB was ‘food tester ($43,000) – it’s slightly above average and sounds like something I could do. Although, I’m assuming it’s not trying bites of food for royalty/CEOs/high ranking governments officials, I’d like to pretend it is. “Go ahead, sir. The beef tartar is safe for now”.

If you’re in a higher tax bracket, and looking to see how you stack up there… here’s a list of 25 mega corps that gave their CEOs more pocket money than they paid the US government.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?