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Check your financial health with free monthly credit score monitoring

The first step in being financially healthy is knowing your credit score. And, it’s as easy as a trip to the doc. 💊 💉🌡JK, it’s way easier.We’re the first company in Canada to offer free monthly credit score monitoring - with no impact to your score. If you’re not already signed up, you can create your MogoAccount is just 3 minutes. Seriously. Your credit score is basically your adult report card and it matters a lot. It comes into play when you’re applying for a mortgage, renting a house, an

Re. Those ads

So we’ve just launched our new ad campaign; you might have seen it online and in the paper. We expected that it might be risky. When we decided that we wanted to make finances relatable to millennials, we knew a few moms and dads would cover their eyes. ![](/content/images/2016/03/Feb_scanadlousads_feedback.gif)The thing is, we’re not talking about sex just for the sake of talking about sex. We’re talking about it in a very specific way that plays on the taboo nature of the topic—because that’s

How to travel on a budget: 8 tips for students

Thinking of taking a trip for Reading Week aka. Spring Break? Don’t plan to blow the last three months’ paycheques on it because you’re a responsible adult and stuff? (If so, we’ve taught you well, young Padawan.) Check out these 8 ways to save your wallet from unnecessary pain while you’re abroad. ![](/content/images/2016/02/mogo_boofortravel-2.jpg) []1. Book in advance. One of the most important things you can do to save money can actually be done way bef

Our MogoLiquid loan rates have dropped

{{excerpt Attention Mogo Members! We have some great news! Our MogoLiquid [] loan rates have dropped and the maximum loan amount has increased! As of this week, we now offer loans up to $35k and rates that start as low as 5.9%! } If you have outstanding credit card debt, pay it off with MogoLiquid! []Check out the comparison below ![](/content/images/2015/05/comparison.gif)*Based on minimum payments as stated above, total interest paid

Don’t be a Jack…. Avoid Credit Card Aftershock.

Meet Jack- the overspender. Jack’s like a lot of us. He loves the convenience of his credit card but ends up overspending every month. He’s tried budgeting but can’t seem to stick to it. Like the average Canadian (who now finds themselves in over $27k in debt), Jack is suffering from the aftershock of overspending and too much debt. Jack is out spending money he doesn’t have and keeps thinking the reward points will more than make up for it. Whenever he wants something, he just charges it