Check your financial health with free monthly credit score monitoring

The first step in being financially healthy is knowing your credit score. And, it’s as easy as a trip to the doc. 💊 💉🌡JK, it’s way easier. We’re the first company in Canada to offer free monthly credit score monitoring - with no impact to your score. If you’re not already signed up, you can create your MogoAccount is just 3 minutes. Seriously. Your credit score is basically your adult report card and it matters a lot. It comes into play when you’re applying for a mortgage, renting a house, and even when applying for certain jobs. Not to mention it can even affect your dating life. And you thought Tinder was a nightmare. 🔥 😏 Have you checked your updated score? Log in now to see how you stack up. Not a MogoMember? GET YOURS NOW

Re. Those ads

So we’ve just launched our new ad campaign; you might have seen it online and in the paper. We expected that it might be risky. When we decided that we wanted to make finances relatable to millennials, we knew a few moms and dads would cover their eyes. ![](/content/images/2016/03/Feb_scanadlousads_feedback.gif) The thing is, we’re not talking about sex just for the sake of talking about sex. We’re talking about it in a very specific way that plays on the taboo nature of the topic—because that’s also how people tend to approach conversations about their money... which does nothing for financial literacy rates. A PricewaterhouseCoopers report found that "compared with other Americans, the millennial generation—those born between the early 1980s and mid-1990s—has the “lowest level of financial literacy.” ![](/content/images/2016/03/mogo_sexycampaign_giphy-1.gif) We think $45 NSF fees and bank CEOs’ salaries are more offensive, tbh. Sure, talking about sex can be difficult. But that’s just like talking about finances. It’s not always easy to talk about debt and credit and managing your money. But like any other serious issue, sweeping it

How to travel on a budget: 8 tips for students

Thinking of taking a trip for Reading Week aka. Spring Break? Don’t plan to blow the last three months’ paycheques on it because you’re a responsible adult and stuff? (If so, we’ve taught you well, young Padawan.) Check out these 8 ways to save your wallet from unnecessary pain while you’re abroad. ![](/content/images/2016/02/mogo_boofortravel-2.jpg) 1. Book in advance. One of the most important things you can do to save money can actually be done way before you leave on your trip: book your stuff in advance! Accommodations and plane tickets (any tickets, really) are generally cheaper if you can buy them months before your trip, and if you plan to go to a tourist hotspot, you’ll probably want to get tickets to tourist sights before they sell out. ![](/content/images/2016/02/mogo_highonlifeco_tent.jpg) 2. Don’t stay in a hotel. Seriously. Stay in a B&B or hostel instead. You’ll save so much $$, meet more people, have better conversations, and definitely get a better feel for the local scene. If you’re antsy about staying at a hostel, it’s not that scary—there are so

Our MogoLiquid loan rates have dropped

{{excerpt Attention Mogo Members! We have some great news! Our MogoLiquid loan rates have dropped and the maximum loan amount has increased! As of this week, we now offer loans up to $35k and rates that start as low as 5.9%! } If you have outstanding credit card debt, pay it off with MogoLiquid! Check out the comparison below ![](/content/images/2015/05/comparison.gif) *Based on minimum payments as stated above, total interest paid for credit card is $47,940.89 and for MogoLiquid $1,141.54. Click here for data source. The winner is MogoLiquid! Check your rate in as little as 3 minutes without it impacting your credit score!

Don’t be a Jack…. Avoid Credit Card Aftershock.

Meet Jack- the overspender. Jack’s like a lot of us. He loves the convenience of his credit card but ends up overspending every month. He’s tried budgeting but can’t seem to stick to it. Like the average Canadian (who now finds themselves in over $27k in debt), Jack is suffering from the aftershock of overspending and too much debt. Jack is out spending money he doesn’t have and keeps thinking the reward points will more than make up for it. Whenever he wants something, he just charges it to his credit card and has no real idea of what he can afford. Every month he opens his credit card statement and is shocked to find out how much he owes. He tries getting in control by sticking to his debit card but that doesn’t seem to work. Get the best reloadable prepaid card With many designs to choose from, the MogoCard is a Prepaid Visa® Card that gives you the convenience of a credit card with the control of a debit card. But unlike a debit card, there’s no monthly fee and no risk of overdraft or NSF fees. You load it with your

Faux Pas No More! Krystin Lee Glammed Her Digs on a Budget

Hurrah! Our room reno challenge was recently slam-dunked on a $500 budget by style guru Krystin Lee of Suburban Faux Pas. With more creativity than money at her disposal, Krystin managed to pull together a fabulous guest bedroom impressive to all guests – even most in-laws! Take a sneak peak into her glammed bedroom while discovering your inspiration for your next DIY makeover project. Headboard: Homesense | Table: Target | Lamp: Target | Magnifying Glass: Target {similar} | Candle: Diptyque | Rug: Rugs USA | Bedding: Crane and Canopy | Leopard Print Pillows: Switch Studio | Dalmatian Print Pillows: Aurelia | Tray: Homesense | Mugs: Chapters | Blanket: Ikea | Pouf: Ebay | Sheer Curtain: Ikea (pom pom trim not included) | Canvases: Michael’s | Light: Bouclair | Pant: Behr from Home Depot | Gold Star Bursts: Target © 2015 Mogo Finance Technology Inc. All rights reserved. Made in Vancouver. Mogo and the Mogo designs are trade-marks of Mogo Finance Technology Inc., used under license. Mogo Financial (B.C.) Inc. Licence 50019 & 50017 / Mogo Financial (Alberta) Inc. Licence 326985 / Mogo Financial (Ontario) Inc. Licence 4716734 / Mogo Financial Inc. Licence BC 50022 Ontario 4716733.

Quiz: Do you need to uncreditcard your life?

Sorry to break it to you, but what you think you know about credit is probably wrong. For instance, paying for a round of shots at the bar on your credit card and taking months to pay it off is not a good idea. At Mogo, we want you to “uncreditcard” your life. Our suite of Mogo products are designed to help balance your out-of-control spending habits. Take our quiz to see if you need a credit card intervention. Here’s how Mogo will help STEP ONE - Your first step is to get on a plan to pay down your current debt. A lower interest rate consolidation loan with scheduled payments is a great way to do that. Check out our MogoLiquid Loan with rates starting as low as at 5.9%*. STEP TWO – Now that you have paid out your credit card debt with a loan, you may want to put your credit card on ice, cut it up or do whatever you need to do to NOT get yourself back in more debt. You will need to get a replacement card that is accepted anywhere Visa is. Check out our MogoCard. Load it with your own money

Golden Girl Finance's Guide to Uncreditcard Your Life With Mogo!

Mogo has recently been featured on Golden Girl Finance, showing how our products will help you #UnCreditCardYourLife. Here are a few highlights from the Golden Girl Finances article: ![gff_feature](/content/images/2015/04/gff_feature.gif)Oh hello January, happy new year to you too. We didn’t think you would find us here, with our head under our pillows, hiding from our credit card statements. *Ugh*. Another year, another monstrous bill to pay for the previous year’s holiday season. It’s just not fair. Okay, it’s kind of fair. It’s actually totally fair, but we still don’t have to like it ![read_on_v2](/content/images/2015/04/read_on_v2.jpg)![problems_v2](/content/images/2015/04/problems_v2.jpg) Problem, what problem? The problem is that we’re just too nice. When we met up with our dear friends for a holiday lunch, we naturally chose the pricier bottle of wine because they’re worth it, right? Our generosity (unlike our monthly income) knows no bounds. Unfortunately, our largesse leads us into spending decisions that are not healthy for us at all. Indeed, the road to debt and bad credit is paved

Mogo Presents: Holler For Your Dollar’s 5 Steps to a Rocking Credit Score

Did you know that one of the sexiest holidays of the year happens today? It’s** “Get Smart About Credit Day”**! Excited yet? If not, get ready! Mogo has arranged free access to Holler For Your Dollar’s “5 Steps to a Rocking Credit Score” video. Enjoy! Mogo Presents: Holler For Your Dollar’s 5 Steps to a Rocking Credit Score. *Guest writer: Chantel Chapman* If you thought report cards stopped after graduation- you are wrong. There is another little report card that follows us around into adulthood called the Credit Bureau. And on this credit bureau is your credit score. Your credit score is your financial reputation based on a scoring system. Much like life, if you have a good rep, you’ll be presented with more invites and opportunities. Think of it like this: If you’re late all the time and never answer you friends’ text messages, eventually people won’t want you around. Your credit reputation is the same — if you don’t pay your bills on time or incur more debt than you can handle, your credit score will drop (along with all future opportunities, making car leases/ mortgages/ rental properties increasingly harder to attain)

Breaking Debt: Conquer big debt with little wins

Staring at a mountain of debt can be scary – especially when you’ve got multiple debt streams (student debt, credit card 1, credit card 2, car loan – the list goes on). Getting into that kind of debt can be as easy as not paying attention to your spending, but getting out of debt can require a plan and some powerful strategies. The brain trust at the Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University’s business and marketing experts) have detailed a study that shows an awesome plan for getting out of debt – by focusing on little wins, instead of jumping into paying down the areas you owe the most Basically, the more ‘wins’ you can get in a period amount of time will propel you to stay on track and achieve your goals of financial freedom Here’s how it works: As of beginning of the year, Wayne and Jake are both sitting on the same number of loans and they both are owing $8,000 in total. For the sake of this study, lets assume all debt is at the same interest rate. Here are their strategies. Over the course of a year, both Wayne and Jake have paid down