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3 Games That Save You Money

Saving money can be more fun than you think – it’s also the easiest way to help any kids get money smart early. So gather up the family or grab a friend and try out these games together. Laughter + saving is the best medicine in my book!

Game #1:  Seek and Find

The Stakes: A cold ice cream treat

Instructions: Set a timer for five minutes (any timer will do, use the one on your stove or microwave). Have your family get together with you and “hunt down” all the spare change in your house or your car. Whoever finds the most change before the timer goes off gets an ice cream just for them. This works best if you already have some ice cream in the freezer, otherwise buying ice cream out will just use up the change you managed to find. Stick the change in a jar as savings.

**Game #2:  I can save more than you can! **

The stakes: Lunch, loser makes.

Dare your spouse or a close friend that you can save more money than they can in a week’s time. Carry around a small notebook at keep track of what you save by buying sale items, as well as anything  you put into your savings account at the bank. Tally up and compare at the end of the week. Loser makes lunch!

Game #3: Guess the Brand

The Stakes: A homemade breakfast in bed

Next time you grocery shop, switch several name brand products with off brand. Then at the dinner table, ask your family to “guess the brand”.  Have them guess the brand on everything, not just the stuff you bought differently. Keep track of who gets what right and the winner gets a homemade breakfast in bed the following Saturday.


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What are you looking for?