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It's in the bag - 4 great ways to use your old suitcases

Old, vintage suitcases have nothing to look forward to but a life in the attic before getting the privilege of retirement in chateau landfill. Old suitcases are too heavy for modern baggage weight restrictions and they have no handy wheels for those long walks to the parking lot. But before you toss out your old travel companions, there are tons of ways you can turn them into cool upcycled household furniture items.

1. Side tables

Nothing could be easier. You can get legs from an old table or from your local hardware store. Glue them to the bottom of the suitcase and you have a brand new side table! You can even use the suitcase as a storage area. Use old trunks in the same way to make coffee tables with storage capacity.

  1. Take the door off an old medicine cabinet that has seen better days. Place the shelf into the suitcase and screw them both into your bathroom wall. Now the suitcase lid doubles as a door and your old medicine cabinet has a whole new lease on life. You can glue the mirror from the old medicine cabinet door to the inside of the suitcase’s lid or hang a mirror in a picture frame inside the lid.

  2. If you have a big old trunk, just open it up and lean the lid against the wall. Place a large pillow in the truck and another in the lid. Now you have a comfy new chair. This is a great idea for a kid’s room.

  3. Old suitcases filled with comfy pillows and blankets makes the perfect bed for your pet. You can get old Samsonite makeup cases for your tiny dogs or kittens. When you need to travel, your pet has a stylish portable bed.

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What are you looking for?