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5 Awesome School Lunches your Kids will Love

It’s back to school time (for some) and you know that you can save a bunch by making your own school lunches, but your kids refuse to go through another term of your not-so-famous P&B sandwiches. Now you can spice up their lunchboxes, give them healthier options and save yourself some cash with these awesome school lunch ideas.

Bento Box



Borrow this great idea from Japan and give your kids a selection of fun treats to choose from. Place a burger bun filled with healthy greens, mayo and sandwich meat in the center of their lunch boxes. Put four or five cupcake papers around the bun and fill them with berries, cherry tomatoes, cheese squares, nuts and other snacks. Having a selection of healthy, fun treats will make lunch far more interesting.

Breadstick in a Blanket


Cut a breadstick to fit into the lunchbox. Lay a piece of sandwich ham or turkey roll on the counter with the breadstick in the center. Add tomatoes, sprouts, lettuce and other greens. Roll the ham up and secure with a toothpick.

Fruit fondue


Fill a skewer with pieces of fruit. Add a tub of yogurt that your kids can dip their fruit skewers in. You can do the same with plain yogurt and salad ingredients like tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots on a skewer. You can also julienne carrots, celery and cucumber to dip into tubs of plain yogurt.


Sandwich wrap

Forgoing the traditional bread for a wrap or pita is a great way to spice up your sandwiches. Use lettuce, sprouts and spinach as a base and add tomatoes, watercress, cheese, nuts, apples and just about anything you can think of!

The Dino Box


The dinosaur lunch rocks! Fill your budding paleontologist’s lunchbox with barbequed ribs and hardboiled ‘dinosaur’ eggs (you can use food coloring to stain these interesting colors).

Lunches made with love taste the best. Instead of the proverbial note from mom, add a couple of jokes, a cool pen or a small dollar store toy. Cookie cutters are your friends! Make regular sandwiches and then use a cookie cutter to turn them into fun shapes (works with cheese too!)

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?