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Free Pizza for Italian Day 2015

On June 14th, we’ll be celebrating Italian Day 2015 in Vancouver by hooking up MogoMembers with a FREE slice of wood fired Mogorita pizza from the hippest pizza truck around, Community Pizzeria. We wouldn’t dare leave you thirsty, so we’ll also provide Mogo water – gratis, of course! ![](/content/images/2015/06/italianday-newsletter_v2-image02-3.gif) All you have to do is flash your Mogo Card or your MogoMember coupon from our newsletter and you’ll be feasting on complementary pizza and H2O, as it should be. If you are not a MogoMember yet, don’t fret. You can sign up online at or on the spot – all you need is an email address and an appetite. Pizza is available while supplies last. The Community Pizzeria food truck will be parked in front of our Commercial Drive location See you there! Check out Community Pizzeria’s mouth-watering gallery here!

#MogoLife Interview with Chris Jerome, Hawkers Market/Hawkers Wharf

**Chris Jerome** Food is a lot more than just sustenance – it’s a way of life. Just ask Chris Jerome, founder of [Hawkers Market]( and soon-to-be Hawkers Wharf in North Vancouver. Hawkers Market is a traveling, underground food market that acts as a launchpad for foodpreneurs in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. As a true foodie and businessman, Chris is usually busy tasting his foodpreneur’s creations when he’s not mentoring them or coveting the most mouth-​watering spots on the West Coast. Check out our full interview with Chris below: OUR INTERVIEW WITH CHRIS **What’s it like to be a foodpreneur, mentoring other foodpreneurs?** Food Entrepreneurs are a sensitive bunch. They do what they do generally to make people happy because in turn it makes them happy. They don’t really work a day in their lives if that’s true. They generally have different motivations in business than money and are heavily influenced by art, music and people. Food Entrepreneurs are a unique bunch, like sensitive artists. **What is it about noodles, oysters, and beer that gets you most excited?** Individuality. These things touch all our senses and when you eat or drink something

#MogoLife Interview with Jackie Kai Ellis of Beaucoup Bakery

Jackie Kai Ellis - Life is sweet. Just ask Jackie Kai Ellis. Between whipping up pastries that will blow your mind at Beaucoup Bakery, hosting foodie holidays in France (The Paris Tours) and writing all about food, she’s on a permanent sugar high! She took off her apron just long enough to dish on Vancouver’s hidden gems, her fave spots to get her grub on, and the secret to the perfect cookie. #nomnom OUR INTERVIEW WITH JACKIE **What’s a typical day in your life like?** First things first, I check in on Beaucoup every morning. Each day is different, but it’s usually a mix of meetings, taste testing for the bakery, and creating recipes for TV appearances and articles I’m working on. Right now I’m writing for [Scout Mag](, [Van Sun](, [Vitamin Daily](, [Hayo]( and the [Food Network]( **Where do you get your inspiration for your recipes?** I love eating and discovering food, and originally I started cooking so I could taste those hard-to-find recipes that I couldn’t track down anywhere in Vancouver. Part of my inspiration comes from

#MogoLife Interview with Erin Ireland

Erin Ireland - Famous for her legendary [To Die Fo]( banana bread, Erin Ireland is one of Western Canada’s most well-known foodies. She can be heard regularly on The Peak FM reporting the latest restaurant news, while her drool-worthy food styling skills have earned her a massive following on Instagram. Over lunch at [Café Medina](, Erin dished about any and everything related to food. A word to the wise: you will definitely be hungry after reading this interview! OUR INTERVIEW WITH ERIN It seems like you have 101 things on the go…tell us about everything you’re doing First and foremost, there’s my website []( I’m also a regular contributor for [CTV Morning Live](, an ambassador for [Spud](, and a recipe developer for [Vega]( And of course, I bake banana bread and lemon loaves through my company To Die For Fine Foods that you can find in cafés and grocery stores around town. Where are your fave Vancouver spots for dining out without breaking the bank? I find neighbourhood spots

#MogoLife Interview Series: Crystal Kwon, Managing Editor of Vancity Buzz

Crystal Kwon - As managing editor of [Vancity Buzz](, Crystal Kwon is plugged in to all the hottest happenings in Vancouver. She splits her time between her day job as a PR star and her nighttime gig scoping out the latest fashion, food and lifestyle events around town. Always in the know, Crystal gave us the 411 on her favourite things to do, drink and eat in the city – including a few hidden gems you’ve probably never heard of! OUR INTERVIEW WITH CRYSTAL Tell us what a typical day in your life is like. During the day, I’m busy with emails, meetings and lots of fun PR stuff. After work, I’m usually going to different events. Plus I have regular meetings with Vancity Buzz’s team of writers. Busy, busy, busy! Pop quiz: what do you love most about living in Vancouver? This city is so beautiful and vibrant. We travel to the ends of the earth, but don’t even realize how beautiful Vancouver is. People really need to explore their own backyard more. Like out in Richmond, there are several wineries that nobody knows about. And an hour from the city,