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5 Fun Elevator Hacks (how to master the up and down)

In a hurry and need to get to your floor stat? If you live in the city, you’ve probably fallen prey to the jerky elevator hooligans who press a bunch of floors that you have to stop at before you get to your own. Well, now you don’t have to! Here are some second-saving elevator hacks that could see you sailing to your floor in no time at all. These hacks only work on some elevators, so try a couple to find the one that fits your model.

The Hacks

  1. If you want to bypass floors that have been selected by other passengers in the elevator: hold your floor button down, and then press the ‘door close’ button at the same time. The elevator should go straight to your floor, bypassing all the other requested stops. This hack doesn’t work on all models, but definitely works on most OTIS models, DOVER models EL546 and ELOD862, and DESERT models (except for ELD5433 and ELF3655).

  2. If you have a newer model elevator with ‘static sensitive’ buttons (these are the ones that light up when you touch them) and press the wrong button by mistake, press all the buttons. The elevator assumes you are being an elevator hooligan and resets the panel.

  3. If there are a number of people in the elevator at the time, it may assume that there are enough people to justify the number of floor selections. Fear not, all is not lost! Simply ask everyone in the elevator to jump at the same time. When the weight registers as zero, the panel should reset.

  4. If you want to get to your floor in record time, press your floor button and hold it down.

  5. If you want to pop in to a floor for a quick visit and have an elevator with a manual door, simply open the door at your floor and press the emergency button. The elevator will stay on your floor with the door open until someone presses another button. This function is used by emergency personel and actors when they are shooting a scene that features an elevator conversation.

Use these hacks with caution and consideration for others. Pretty please.

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