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Amazing dates for under $25

Summer is here, and love is in the air – despite that, sometimes there isn’t a lot of cash in your pocket. Here’s three ways to keep your costs down.

Going out for dinner

Taking your date to a fast food restaurant is not the way to go if you want to score brownie points. But there is a great way to make a meal that’s a real hit for under $25. Buy a bottle of wine, pasta and a sauce. You will even have change over for dessert like candy or ice cream. What’s going to make this date sensational is location, location, location. If you live in an apartment block, put a table and chairs on the roof, or out in your garden. You can also pack up your pasta and head out to the beach, a park or any scenic spot where you can enjoy your meal al fresco. Add candles and a tablecloth if you really want to impress.

A night at the movies

Movie tickets alone can set you back more than $25, but there is a way you can see a movie, enjoy snacks and have a really special experience for less. Borrow or rent a movie projector. Hang a sheet up against the front of your house, put the speakers near the window and project a movie onto your new outdoor movie screen. Set up a blanket or chairs for your date and get some snacks, sodas and popcorn to complete the ultimate outdoor movie experience.

A night at the pillow fort

Everyone loves a good pillow fort. Build yours in your living room and make it sumptuously luxurious by adding Christmas lights, blankets to lie on and music too. Prepare a picnic for the fort (you may want to forgo the candles for this one) and add some champagne for a perfect evening. You can plan activities for the fort too like board games, a movie and of course the obligatory pillow fight.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?