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Black Friday, But Make it Sustainable

Shopping for a better world

Black Friday is fast approaching, and you know what that means!

It’s all of the worst parts of capitalism whipped up into one hedonistic, wasteful, gluttonous frenzy that gives your brain one (1) drop of serotonin before chucking your mood (and your budget) straight off a cliff.

Soooo excited.

We’re not gonna tell you not to buy anything on Black Friday (or Cyber Monday). We know you’re probably gonna. We get it! It can be a great way to save money and finally nab that big ticket item you’ve been coveting. But we’ve also got some ideas that could help seriously offset the financial and climate impacts associated with money’s biggest holiday.

Shop Patiently

Our first tip? Shop patiently.

Our first tip? Shop patiently.

When we buy stuff from Amazon or from fast fashion retailers, for example, the goods we’re buying are often shipped from across the world. That means the $25 shirt you bought probably travels by plane, train, and automobile before it reaches you. And with that? A ton of emissions are created.

So what are we to do? According to a 2013 study carried out by a Master’s candidate at MIT, online shopping can actually be better for the environment than driving to your local Best Buy to pick up your new TV. But only in certain cases.

Opting for Same Day or Next Day delivery, for example, can be incredibly harmful to the environment. This is because those speedy demands can prevent companies and couriers from using the most efficient routes and packing techniques. Then, if you’re not home when the courier shows up, and they have to redeliver once or twice—more emissions! Bad news bears!

But in fairness, driving your car to the store isn’t much better.

So be patient. Many companies now offer environmentally friendly designations for certain delivery options; they typically take a few extra days to arrive, but it could make a real difference.

Shop Small

Support small this Black Friday.

Small businesses typically get in on Black Friday, too.

Their deals may not be as dramatic as those offered by huge companies, but supporting a small business is always a better idea than supporting a huge conglomerate, like Walmart. Walmart doesn’t need our support. The little shop down on the corner that sells those cute, locally produced earrings? They do!

Make your list of shops to visit now: which small businesses are you going to support this Black Friday? If you’re not sure which shops are participating, just reach out and ask.

Shop Thoughtfully

Make a Black Friday shopping list too! And stick to it.

Speaking of lists… Make a Black Friday shopping list too! And stick to it.

You know how Amazon does those flash deals? Where for like, one hour, some wireless headphones will be on sale for $0.07? Do not give in. Do not. Give in.

This is about saving your money and saving the planet. Personal consumption is a huge contributor to climate change, and when you set out to “browse” Amazon and wind up with a bunch of dumb stuff getting shipped to your house, you’re being part of the problem and not part of the solution.

So decide on a budget, and make your list ahead of time. It’s a good opportunity to purchase gifts for Christmas, or to save a bit of money on something you’ve wanted for a long time.

And please, pleeaaaaase, don’t buy stuff just for the sake of buying stuff.

Shop Green

Shopping truly green is a challenge, but every bit of mindfulness helps.

If you’re gonna shop on Black Friday (or any day!), it’s important to do your best to support companies that operate with sustainable manufacturing practices.

Look for companies that

  • Treat their employees well,
  • Pay their employees well,
  • Produce sustainable products,
  • Run a sustainable manufacturing process, and
  • Create products that will last a long time.

Ticking all—or one—of these boxes will rightfully earn you some sustainability stripes. The idea is to support a company with a demonstrated track record of corporate social responsibility, and to buy products that are well made and will last, so you can consume less over time.

Shopping truly green—on Black Friday no less—is a challenge, but every bit of mindfulness helps.

Use Your MogoCard

Wanna really make your Black Friday sustainable? Do your shopping with your MogoCard.


For every tap, we’ll plant a tree. In its lifetime, that tree can suck approximately 500 lbs of CO2 from the atmosphere, making our air healthier to breathe and storing carbon emissions back in the soil.1

New cast iron pan? You get a tree. New heirloom-status serveware? You get a tree! A mocha frappe with whip, because you’re tired and you deserve it? Deserving of a tree! That’s you, offsetting 1,500 lbs of CO2 without breaking a sweat.

Black Friday? More like… Green Friday… Is this a thing?? Can’t tell, not gonna stress about it.

Sign up for your MogoCard today (it’s free!!) to make this Black Friday your most sustainable one yet.


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1-According to research conducted by Veritree Technology Inc. 500 lbs. is an approximate amount based on Above-Ground-Carbon (AGC) and Below Ground Carbon (BGC) sequestration estimates contained in several scientific research papers regarding the carbon sequestration of Mangrove trees (the “Research”). The Research contains various ranges for the rate of carbon sequestration per hectare of land. In order to arrive at the approximate amount of 500 lbs., Veritree triangulated data points from the Research regarding AGC and BGC sequestration estimates, and then converted those results into the approximate amount of lbs. per tree.

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What are you looking for?