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Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half – And No One Will Notice

A person’s gotta eat, right? True, but if you’re like me you probably waste a ton of money on food. Sure, there’s eating out – which we know is crazy expensive. But even if you mostly eat at home, you may be wasting a ton of money at the grocery store. Good news is… there are a few easy ways to cut your grocery costs without really changing the way you eat. Let’s check it out:

Plan Ahead

Bring a list. If you know what you want to buy before you get there, you’re a lot less likely to buy things you don’t actually need. Impulse can be your food-budgeting (and waste-line’s) enemy. One wrong turn down the frozen food aisle can negate all the positive work you’ve done on budgeting for meal time.

Also – have a snack before you go. When I hit SaveOnFoods hungry, I always wind up with too much junk to snack on… and no actual food to eat.

Bulk It Up

Get a reinforced cart and make some bulk purchases on non-perishable items you regularly use. When items like canned foods, dry goods and frozen items you always cook with go on sale, don’t be afraid to spend a little now to save a lot later.

Know Your Limits

Sure, we all plan to eat uber healthy… but be honest. Are you actually going to cook with all of these ingredients that are filling up your basket? If you’re like me, you intend to cook most of your meals at home, but sometimes wind up going out instead. Be sure you are honest with this and don’t stock up on perishable items that will… perish.

Let a Website Tell Me What To Buy?

****OK, can they really do your meal planning for you? Yes – can . They’ve got some great meal planners that work out what you need for entire weeks – including what to do with the leftovers. Take advantage of this to broaden your cooking horizons, save money on food and eat a lot healthier.


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What are you looking for?