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Are you ready to make a big ticket purchase? When it comes to electronics and appliances, there is a ton of research that needs to go down before clicking ‘buy’.

But one of the toughest things (especially with electronics) is predicting when a new release is coming – and avoiding the buyers’ remorse of picking up the final run of an item before a similarly priced improvement hits the web/stores.

Thanks to, you can get some high power algorithmic support in your corner to know (with a %-based certainty rating) when you should decide to buy.

How do I use the site?

Simply search an item, or scroll through their suggested purchases and look for the green BUY tag, or the red WAIT notification – it’s about as simple as that.

What data do they use?

They go on industry trends, prior release schedules and any tips they can put together. It’s obviously not an exact science, but they’ve got some great e-commerce experts helping set those trends and numbers.

Can I get an example?

Sure! I recently searched out a Macbook Air on Decide and it told me (based on Apple’s previous release schedule) that I should wait. It’s predicting a new model to come out within 4 months.

Check out the site for more great deals and find out when to buy.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?