Introducing the new MogoAccount dashboard and the new Mogo iOS app

If you’ve logged into your MogoAccount recently, you’ve probably noticed a few changes—actually a lot of changes. We wanted to make your account experience as intuitive, intelligent, functional, and enjoyable as possible. Our Product and Design teams worked tirelessly over the past year to create a seamless, interactive experience. We took your feedback as well, so we could build the best possible Dashboard for your financial needs. Okay, and we also wanted it to look super cool. The New MogoAccount Dashboard We knew it was important to give you a full snapshot of all your Mogo products right when you log in. So, you’ll see your MogoMoney (whether you currently have a loan or what you’re pre-approved for if you ever need it), your MogoCard balance, and your current credit score. ![](/content/images/2016/09/mogo_dashboard-ios_img-2.jpg) From here, you can get into the nitty gritty in each section by using the side navigation. And, if you’re brand new to Mogo, creating an account is faster, easier, and more intuitive. You can create an account in just 3 minutes and have access to your free credit score, and everything else the MogoAccount

What’s an Equifax credit score? Do I only have one credit score?

We’ve partnered with Equifax* to offer the first free credit score with free monthly monitoring in Canada. Equifax is the largest credit bureau in Canada and is the bureau most used by lenders when making decisions on your credit-worthiness. You can have multiple credit scores. If you’ve checked your credit score with the Equifax consumer website (or somewhere else), you might notice a difference in the score you got vs. your Mogo credit score. Here’s why: ![](/content/images/2016/09/mogo_credit-score-equifax-2.jpg) 1. Your credit score changes every day and credit bureaus each have different credit score reports. ![](/content/images/2016/09/mogo_credit-score-equifax-3.jpg) 2. The credit score you get directly from Equifax (vs. the one we give you) uses a slightly different model for weighing different factors in your credit history and is primarily intended for educational uses. ![](/content/images/2016/09/mogo_credit-score-equifax-4.jpg) 3. The credit score we give you is a leading score used by a variety of lenders in various industries. That’s important because it’s the score that will help determine whether you get a loan - including when you apply for a mortgage. ![](/content/images/2016/09/

Things to look forward to (other than the Suicide Squad movie)

Can you believe that 2016 is half over already? We’ve been telling you about so many exciting things these past few months and we’re finally going to be releasing them soon! Before we get into what new #FinancesWithBenefits you can expect, here’s a recap of some recently-launched MogoAccount upgrades you're enjoying so far. Stuff that you’re already getting ![](/content/images/2016/06/Mogo_MogoPerks.jpg) Free credit score: When you sign up, you’ll see your free credit score (paid for by us, provided by Equifax Canada) once, but if you get a MogoMoney loan, you’ll get it updated every three months for free (as long as you’re a MogoMoney customer). MogoMini Snapshot: Our members love their MogoLiquid snapshot, so we were like, let’s do a MogoMini Snapshot too and proactively send you your loan details (like your next scheduled payment and how many payments until you Level Up to a lower rate). MogoAccount Snapshot: Why share the magic of a Snapshot with only MogoMoney customers? Our MogoAccount snapshot keeps those members that don’t have MogoMoney in touch with what is happening in their MogoAccount. Fewer fields on our MogoAccount signup page:

Meet Steven Kerr: VP Credit Risk and Collections

Technology and data are at the heart of what we do here at Mogo, but what exactly does our Credit Risk team do with all that data? Well, there are a few things, but one of the big uses for the data is to create effective rules for our pre-approval system—this helps make our MogoMoney loans accessible while making sure that we lend in a socially responsible way. Meet Steven, our go-to rulemaker and VP of Credit Risk and Collections. Hey S. Could you start off by giving us a quick overview of how Mogo uses tech and data to make credit approval decisions? Steven: So in addition to traditional credit data, we look at a ton of other non-traditional factors when determining MogoMoney offers. Using the technology platform that we created, we can come up with models and strategies for fraud detection, credit adjudication, and income verification. Just to name a few. ![](/content/images/2016/05/mogo_stevenkerr_cycle-8.jpg) Which is not only good for business, but also makes sure that our automated loan decisions are tailored to each customer because we’re not just looking at their credit score. Would that be accurate? Steven: Yes, I’

The Gamification of FinTech

Playing tennis on your Wii U is fun, sure. Addictive, even. But what if we could use the powers of gaming for good? That’s what our team is working hard at every day: dreaming up new ways to make it fun to be smart with your money. It’s a tough one—we know from personal experience. ![](/content/images/2016/05/mogo_fastco_mobileapp-static-1.jpg) Using game design techniques to instill positive behaviours in consumers, we’re taking a creative approach to social responsibility in finances. Keeping track of finances isn’t a chore anymore; it’s now a fun experience that gets people excited to see how they’re doing. Does your bank do this? PROBABLY NOT. Meet Rob ![](/content/images/2016/05/gamification_rob-mccracken-3.jpg) Let us introduce you to Rob. Before joining Mogo’s product design team, Rob was Executive Producer at DeNa, one of the largest mobile and social gaming companies in Japan. Here’s Rob explaining how gaming works to get you financially fit: ![](/content/images/2016/05/symbol_quote-1_grey.jpg) In the Mogo experience, we’re creating multiple positive feedback loops, which allow us to effect positive change by rewarding the user

A better digital alternative: why you’ll be ditching your bank

You probably don’t feed your Tamagotchi or play with Pogs anymore, but you might still be going to the bank that you grew up with. (Why would you do that to yourself??) If you didn’t grow up with a big bank or aren’t currently tethered to one, high-five. ![](/content/images/2016/03/mogo_graph.gif) Canada’s adoption rate of financial technology is 8.2%, which is below the average global rate of 15.5%, and way below Hong Kong’s adoption rate of 29.1%. Which means that most of us are still stuck with our old banks/not exploring or taking advantage of our financial options. But that 8.2% is estimated to double this year, as more and more people become aware of FinTech (and how awesome it is). If you have a MogoAccount right now, you’re already one of these FinTech early adopters. ;) Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for the 21st Century A huge reason why people are leaving their banks is because of the inefficient/inconvenient/crappy bank experience. Want to get stuff done on the go with your smartphone? Good luck. At Mogo, we’re all about creating an amazing digital

Fintech’s taking over the world

We’re constantly amazed and impressed by the many FinTech startups that are popping up around the world and offering solutions that make managing/investing/saving/spending/borrowing money less painful. (Which shouldn't be a surprise, considering 43.4% of people who use FinTech do so because of how easy it is to set up an account). So, we decided to feature some innovative companies that are on our radar—and are doing great work. ![](/content/images/2016/02/mogo_vancouver_mogo_img6_2.jpg) ![](/content/images/2016/02/mogo_vancouver_mogo_img6.jpg) Hello, it’s us. From the other side, revolutionizing the old way of doing finance. How? Wellll with technology that uses thousands of data points to approve our customers, the free no-monthly-fee Mogo Platinum Prepaid Visa® Card, a sleek new app launching later this year… oh and we pay for our MogoMembers to see their Equifax Canada credit score. ![](/content/images/2016/02/mogo_uk_mondo_img1_2.jpg) ![](/content/images/2016/02/mogo_uk_mondo_img1-1.jpg) An app based out of the United Kingdom, Mondo is bringing banking to your smartphone. Because no one wants to go into a bank, line up, and wait—

The MogoMini Snapshot: coming soon to an inbox near you

Our personal loan, MogoLiquid, has its own monthly snapshot email that updates you regularly on your loan balance, payment amounts, and upcoming payment dates. So we thought... why not one for our MogoMini line of credit too? Every loan deserves its own snapshot. Just sayin. ![](/content/images/2015/12/minisnapshot.jpg) Let’s break it down ![](/content/images/2015/12/mogo_Mmsnapshot_img2.jpg) Loan status — How much was that loan you took out again? ![](/content/images/2015/12/mogo_Mmsnapshot_img3.jpg) Next scheduled payment — How much are you paying next? Next payment due date — When do you need to pay by? ![](/content/images/2015/12/mogo_Mmsnapshot_img4.jpg) The minimum payment amount goes toward the interest only and not the principal so to get out of debt sooner, be smart and try to make monthly payments toward your principal too. Quote — A little motivation never hurts. ![](/content/images/2015/09/Callout_img4.jpg) ![](/content/images/2015/11/blog_newsletter_ad-1.gif) Coming to an inbox near you in January 2016… Become a MogoMember for more updates! SIGN ME UP

We took the MogoCard to JJ Bean. What happened next is awesome.

This just in: the first batch of new Mogo Prepaid Visa® Cards has just arrived for testing! We’ve been working hard to get these ready for launch in the second half of 2016, and now that they’ve been designed and printed, it’s time for testing. Testers on Team Mogo hustled for the cards with their favourite designs and oohed-and-aahed over the artwork, but we had work to do. Time to document the official first test run. ![](/content/images/2015/12/mogo_mogocard_img1-3.jpg) Tanya, our MogoCard product owner with her new MogoCard ![](/content/images/2015/12/mogo_mogocard_img2-2.jpg) Where are we going? ![](/content/images/2015/12/mogo_mogocard_img3-3.gif) Does that Chip & PIN work? ![](/content/images/2015/12/mogo_mogocard_img4-2.gif) HELL YEAH ![](/content/images/2015/12/mogo_mogocard_img5.gif) Doop dee doop ![](/content/images/2015/12/mogo_mogocard_img6-1.jpg) Is that J. Law? YES IT IS ![](/content/images/2015/12/mogo_mogocard_img7-2.gif) Let's pay for that mag ![](/content/images/2015/12/mogo_mogocard_img9.jpg) GREAT SUCCESS ![](/content/images/2015/12/mogo_mogocard_img8-4.jpg) Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Mogo Prepaid Visa® Card blog

Everything that’s wrong with banking

How do you feel about banks and the way you get a loan with them? We’ve gathered a few ideas from our own experiences… and used them to do the exact opposite with Mogo. Here are a few of them. Anything you feel is missing? Bank branches just aren’t that… pleasant to be in. Nor do banks host fun events like Adulting 101. What’s Adulting 101? Oh it’s just a workshop where you learn about wine and finance while we entertain your pants off. (Not literally… lol) ![](/content/images/2015/12/mogo_levelup_img3-2.gif) Positive reinforcement = good People get penalized all the time for late payments, but what about making your payments on time? Shouldn’t you be rewarded for that? With Mogo’s Level Up program, those on-time payments can get you a lower rate and/or bigger loan amounts. ![](/content/images/2015/12/mogo_snapshot_img4-1.gif) Information should keep you in control, not confuse and exhaust you. ![](/content/images/2015/12/mogo_banker_img1-2.jpg) Losing the battle vs. tech? Can banks keep up? They might try... “Big banks are slashing their payrolls to meet threats posed by slowing revenue growth, a