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Win $7,522: The Ditch Your Debt Contest

The average Canadian who carries a credit card balance is about $7,522* in credit card debt. That could buy you a lot of coffee and Tidal subscriptions.

Many people who come to Mogo are using MogoLiquid to pay off credit card debt, and using MogoMini/MogoZip to get out of the payday loan cycle. And since our mission is to help you get out of debt and all... we decided to do a Ditch Your Debt contest where you can win this amount in cold hard cash and, well, ditch your debt.

Pay off debt faster or... instantly

When you sign up with Mogo, every part of the experience—from our products to email newsletters to events—is designed to help you get out of bad debt.

“I was becoming overwhelmed keeping up with numerous credit card payments. Mogo allowed me to pay off each card and make easy to remember payments which fit my schedule! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I'm excited to finally pay off my debts.”

- Lindsay O., Victoria, BC

But we wanted to take it a step further. Since C.R.E.A.M., we’re giving away $7,522 to one lucky winner to clear that debt (or at least a chunk of it) and start fresh.


*Total credit card debt on average per person : 89% (of people have at least one credit cards) x 26.7mil (population of people that have credit cards) = 23.7mil x 46% (average amount of people that carry a balance) = 82 b/10.9m (total credit card debt) = $7,522 (average credit card debt per person who carries a balance)

$82b credit card debt -

76m credit cards in Canada -

Total of 26.7m Canadians are 19+ -

89% have at least one card -

89% x 26.7m = 23.7

46% of Canadians card holders revolve on average -

So 10.9 mil of Canadians carry a balance (23.7m x 46%)

So it follows that every month on average, revolves approx $7,522 balance (82b/10.9m)

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?