Why you need a Spending Account

You have a chequing account, and probably a savings account...But what about a spending account? Think about it this way: Say you have all of your pay cheque going into your chequing account, and all your bills, savings and fixed costs are coming out of that account. And you’re using your debit card that’s linked to that account for your day-to-day spending. That’s a recipe for blowin’ your budget. So, we created a way for you to move your spending money into a separate account, keep things in check, and avoid overspending! The Mogo Spending Account is designed to help you monitor and control your spending in a convenient and engaging way, with features like instant transaction alerts to your phone with each purchase and updated real-time balance. There are no monthly account fees and unlike a regular credit card, using the MogoCard means there is no risk of overdraft fees or interest charges. We know what you’re thinking. You thought you were being smart by using your debit card rather than racking up credit card debt. It’s a good start! But the problem with using a debit card is that the money's coming

New ways to talk to us

Recently, we noticed some not-so-hot customer feedback on our social channels about our customer service wait times. Like this one... Not good. 😭 Making sure you’re happy is super important to us. Like, lose-sleep-over-it important to us. So, we had to fix this. We looked at our customer service communication methods, and decided to majorly improve our Online Chat feature, to give you a super easy, efficient way to talk to us and get rid of those yucky wait times. We can take care of pretty much anything related to your account through our chat tool. 👍 (Like, getting that loan, making extra payments, and lots more...) Here’s what we changed: Online Chat is now available within your MogoApp, your mobile web browser, and of course desktop. You can get to Online Chat from multiple pages on our site (like our Help Centre, and when you’re logged into your account), so if you run into trouble, we’re there to help. Our chat tool will recognise you if you’re logged in to your MogoAccount, meaning you don’t have to waste time giving us your info again. You can message us on Online Chat outside of business hours,

Check your financial health with free monthly credit score monitoring

The first step in being financially healthy is knowing your credit score. And, it’s as easy as a trip to the doc. 💊 💉🌡JK, it’s way easier. We’re the first company in Canada to offer free monthly credit score monitoring - with no impact to your score. If you’re not already signed up, you can create your MogoAccount is just 3 minutes. Seriously. Your credit score is basically your adult report card and it matters a lot. It comes into play when you’re applying for a mortgage, renting a house, and even when applying for certain jobs. Not to mention it can even affect your dating life. And you thought Tinder was a nightmare. 🔥 😏 Have you checked your updated score? Log in now to see how you stack up. Not a MogoMember? GET YOURS NOW

Watch the MogoTeam describe the new account experience

We’ve been working hard to create a seamless, interactive MogoAccount experience with each of our products displayed in an intuitive dashboard — accessible from anywhere. If you’re brand new to Mogo, creating an account is faster, easier, and just downright better. You can create an account in just 3 minutes and have access to your free credit score, and everything else the MogoAccount has to offer. On top of all that, the new MogoApp for iOS is here! It’s already one of the most popular finance apps in the App Store, sharing space with PayPal (omg!). It gives you the full MogoAccount experience, on-the-go, with added features like push notifications showing you your transactions when you use your MogoCard. Cool, huh? Who better to tell you all about the new MogoAccount experience than the MogoTeam. Check us out. Already a MogoMember and have the MogoApp? Share the video with a friend, so they can learn how to get their free credit score too. Apple, App Store and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries

Introducing the new MogoAccount dashboard and the new Mogo iOS app

If you’ve logged into your MogoAccount recently, you’ve probably noticed a few changes—actually a lot of changes. We wanted to make your account experience as intuitive, intelligent, functional, and enjoyable as possible. Our Product and Design teams worked tirelessly over the past year to create a seamless, interactive experience. We took your feedback as well, so we could build the best possible Dashboard for your financial needs. Okay, and we also wanted it to look super cool. The New MogoAccount Dashboard We knew it was important to give you a full snapshot of all your Mogo products right when you log in. So, you’ll see your MogoMoney (whether you currently have a loan or what you’re pre-approved for if you ever need it), your MogoCard balance, and your current credit score. From here, you can get into the nitty gritty in each section by using the side navigation. And, if you’re brand new to Mogo, creating an account is faster, easier, and more intuitive. You can create an account in just 3 minutes and have access to your free credit score, and everything else the MogoAccount has to offer. *captured on August 30, 2016

Your Mogo Credit Score

We’re updating our credit score dashboard to make your experience even better, and it’ll be part of the MogoAccount very soon. Here’s a glimpse of it so you can get as pumped about it as we are. We’re the first company in Canada offering free credit score with free monthly credit score monitoring - and it doesn’t impact your credit score. Your credit score is basically your adult report card. It’s a great indicator of your financial health and it’s used to determine your eligibility for things like getting a mortgage or even renting a property. Our new dashboard gives you a full view of your credit score, with monthly updates, and info on how you stack up to other Canadian’s scores. We break it all down for you below. a. Your past month’s score. b. Your current score and where you rank on the credit score scale. c. The difference in points in your credit score from last month (whether that’s higher or lower). d. Equifax is the most widely used credit bureau in Canada. We’ve partnered with them to bring you the score closest to that used

Mogo x Underground Chef Co. Speaker Series

▶ Calling all foodies 🍺 🌮 🍷 We’re bringing you an exclusive behind-the-scenes encounter with some of the hottest chefs, food bloggers, and restaurant industry influencers in the country. From August 8th to 12th, our Mogo x Underground Chef Co. Speaker Series will be coming at ya live from the MogoLounge. In partnership with Openly Talks, we’ll be streaming interviews with the best-of-the-best in Toronto’s culinary scene. Get ready for a raw, uncut experience with the baddest in the biz. Openly Talks and The Underground Chef Co. are both huge connectors in the industry. From hosting chef battles with to-be-discovered chefs in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa, to creating fresh, real content - they both bring together and showcase influential leaders and entrepreneurs. We love that their platforms are fueling the community in a meaningful and connected way. Curl up in your office chair over your lunch break, and watch as renowned Chefs like Joe Friday whip up signature creations while answering questions from Gastroposters, YouTubers, and other influencers. Financial Fitness Coach, Chantel Chapman, will be grilling (pun intended) them on their best Adulting tips in her always-entertaining style. ▶  Hosts 🍳 📚 💰  Chef Mike Ward Financial

The difference between a Mogo pre-approval and approval

It’s FAQ time again. Here’s another question that we (and probably a lot of lenders) get often about our loan approvals: What’s the difference between a pre-approval and an approval? But before we answer this question, here’s a quick rundown of what it’s like to apply for a loan at Mogo. How it works at Mogo Once you’ve signed up for a MogoAccount, you’ll automatically get a pre-approval decision from us that gives you a loan amount and rate. If you like this offer, you can take this offer by filling out a few more details quickly and confirming you want the loan. At that point, we’ll take a closer look at the information you’ve provided and give you an official loan offer. Oh and if you don’t need a loan, no sweat—you don’t need to take it. Okay cool. Now let’s get into how a pre-approval is different from an approval. The loan pre-approval process When you’re looking to get a loan, you usually get pre-approved first. Even if you’re not looking for a loan, you might get offers online or in the mail

#MogoLife interview: Meet Melissa Bolduc – fashion designer for every body

Ladyboss and Canadian clothing designer Melissa Bolduc is the brains behind Melow, her ‘accessible and comfortable’ fashion line based out of Montreal. We sat down with the inspiring entrepreneur to find out more about what inspires her, what keeps her hustlin’, and what Adulting advice she has for all of us. Melissa Bolduc – Ladyboss and designer at Melow So...what’s your company all about? Melissa: At Melow, we are all about feeling good in your clothes no matter your size, shape or age. Our clothes are designed to adjust to any body shape, and to ensure this, we always do two fittings: one on a small-fit model and one on a larger-fit model. By doing this, we know our clothes will fit seamlessly on all body shapes. What made you decide to be an entrepreneur instead of joining another fashion brand? Melissa: I have always been an entrepreneur in some way. I used to sell flowers and raspberries on the side of our cottage road as a kid. When I was teenager, I began making jewelry and dream catchers that I sold at festivals and in various stores. At 20, I started making figure skating dresses that I would