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Fall Lady Wardrobe Makeover

It’s almost fall, which means its time to get some new clothes. I’m a big fan of fall shopping, because I love pants and blazers, and this fall a lot of my faves are in fashion. Not to mention it’s a good time to grab a few staples that can live through the seasons, which saves you money. Here are my suggestions for a fall wardrobe.


I used to think that scarves were an old lady’s game, but if you have a nice long one in a bright colour scheme, it can really pull an outfit together. I have a 5-footer (the same length as me, basically!) that I can wear casually looped or stacked if its colder. Nice all purpose piece.


I love blazers. I can’t say this enough. My collection of summer tank tops is given new life by the right blazer overtop. Lately I really covet the white blazer from Top Shop. Nice cut, nice shape, nice colour. If I splurge on anything this fall, it will be this.

Colour Blocking

My favourite Fall 2012 fashion trend is colour blocking. I was raised by a very fashion conscious mom who instilled in us the 80s value of matching everything (if your shirt was pink your shoes were pink, etc.). This made it very expensive to clothe yourself. But now, colour blocking means I can wear turquoise shoes with a yellow shirt and green pants if I want. Money saved and coolness increased! Hallelujah!

Animal Prints

One of my other favourite trends for fall is the return of animal prints. Gone are the days when animal prints are just for the cougars at your local gross bar—now anyone can look awesome sporting a zebra or a cheetah. And believe me, I plan to!

  • What are you looking forward to in fall fashions? Let us know in the comments.*

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?