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#FinancesWithBenefits Mashup

If you haven’t been reading the papers or the news online lately, we did something that we’re pretty sure no other company has done before: an ad campaign with a different ad almost every day. These ads featured people from the Mogo team and influencers / entrepreneurs / cool people from Vancouver and Toronto. Because 1. Our team is awesome and 2. We think it’s important to support Canadian creators and entrepreneurs.


Each ad features a different benefit and different rad person (to keep you guessing 😉 and to bring in a little gamification). If that sounds a little crazy, well it is. Let’s just say we didn’t want this to be just another run-of-the-mill and formulaic ad campaign.

Meet Steph - Marketing Expert and Humanist


Stephanie, Mogo's Marketing director: "Mogo is not a bank; instead it is building this amazing refreshing banking experience for… well, people exactly like me. By showcasing real benefits with real people, we want to show that finances are something that everyone can and should be talking about. In everything we do, we want to be real and highlight what Mogo can do for Canadian millennials. For example, if someone told me that having a MogoAccount with the MogoCard offers you unlimited transactions with no minimum deposits and no risk of NSF fees… I would be getting that ASAP."


Part of the reason why we did so many variations of these ads was because we wanted to get across how multifaceted Mogo’s offering is. Where else can you open an account in minutes and get all this stuff?

• Your credit score for free (paid for by us, provided by Equifax Canada)
A free Platinum Prepaid Visa® Card
An instant loan pre-approval decision

And here are some of our ridiculously attractive / talented / all-around awesome friends with benefits:


What crazy ads are we going to create next? Keep up with us on social and become a MogoMember to find out…


What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?