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Fixing Your Equipments is Much Cheaper Than Buying New

We’ve all been there before. It used to be a prized possession, but now it’s just an expensive brick!

Electronics aren’t meant to last forever, but sometimes they crash on us a LOT quicker than they should. When you’ve skipped out on a longer warranty and your iPod, phone or other piece of technology appears to bite the dust, what do you do?

Most of us will simply let the broken equipment sit in a drawer, collecting dust as an expensive and inefficient paperweight. But have you considered getting them fixed?

There are a lot of great tinkerers out there, as well as professional shops that can help you out when you get in an electro-bind. Do the math – it’s almost ALWAYS going to be cheaper to get something repaired that simply buying a new item. Check online, on the street and in the back of your warranty books from various products.

My digital SLR crashed on me about 2 months after the warranty expired. Rather than hitting the store, I hit a local electronics shop. Within a week they had replaced my sensor (something I could NEVER have done on my own) and I was back taking pictures. It cost me a fraction of the price of a new camera, and I didn’t have go to the trouble of trashing/recycling the gear and shopping for something new.

Also – save your warranty information! Many people have gear break, but have long-lost their receipts or warranties. You have those for a reason, so hold onto them and avoid unnecessary costs!

**Bonus for Winnipeg Smart Spenders: **Check out Precision Camera Repair on 70 Sherbrook Street for a great gear-fixing resource. If you have an ipod or Canon, Olympus, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Casio and Samsung manufacturers product, they’re a great resource for getting some great work done at a great price. Thanks to our Manitoban readers for the great tip here!

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What are you looking for?