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In the News: Mogo Founder and CEO on Huffington Post Canada

With a record $28 billion in profit last year alone, big banks are continuing to profit while the average Canadian suffers the burden. We think there’s a better way and are working hard to bring you products that are alternatives to traditional banking. But we can’t disrupt this massive and entrenched industry on our own. We need startups attacking the problem from all angles. Our CEO David Feller is featured over on Huffington Post Canada today talking about the huge opportunity we have to cha

How to start a personal finance group

If you’re anything like me, the notion of attempting to get your personal finances in order is scary as scary can be. Like many young Canadians, I never learned about the nuances of finance in school (side note: shouldn’t we be teaching our kids this? I would like to see a personal finance class overtake those stupid CAPP career classes we were all subjected to in high school. I took about ten personality tests that all said, “writer/teacher/creative-type” when I could have used some lessons abo

Money Can’t Keep You Out Of Jail

Money: you can’t take it with you when you die, and it can’t keep you out of jail when the judge swings the gavel. Straight up billionaire and hedge fund manager, Raj Rajaratnam, is heading to prison for 11 years after being convicted of insider trading – for those of you scoring at home, that’s the longest insider-trading sentence ever laid out in the United States. In addition to the 11 years of jumpsuit time, he’s being fined $10million and giving up $53.8million. I mean, the guy can probably

5 Halloween Costumes Under $10

As I told you last time, getting a store-bought Halloween costume can turn into a sweaty, expensive, candy-coated mess, so here are 10 nearly free costumes that are either: • easy • awesome • cheap • kind of funny • all of the above As you’ll see, this list doesn’t cover everything, but hopefully you’ll be able to find something in there to boost your Halloween trick or treat cred. 1. Sexy _____ Girls have this one locked down. You can turn ANYTHING into a sexy version for Halloween. Oth

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover Plan

I plan Thanksgiving dinner around the leftovers. As I mentioned before, I’m really doing my best to not ruin Thanksgiving this year []. Whether it’s a success or not, will probably come down to how much wine we have at the table. Realistically, it should just be an easy dinner with my folks and wife – what I’m really concerned about is the post-Thanksgiving leftovers. I doubt I’m alone here, but I prefer the leftovers-exp