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Fun Money Friday: Win the Philips Wake Up Light

Designed by leading sleep exerts, the Philips Wake Up Light gradually wakes you up with revitalizing, increasing light. Picture a sunrise in your room, on your own schedule. Read more about how to win, and why this will make every day a sunny day.

Who wouldn’t want this? Anything that makes my wakeup better is a welcome change to the day.

What it does

  • Uses calming sounds and increasing light to wake you up
  • Allows for natural wakefulness in the morning, instead of abruptly dragging out from your slumber. Boo!
  • Enhances your day from the first minute

Extra Extra (features, features)

  • Doubles as a bedside lamp, so you’re not adding extra clutter to your place
  • Looks awesome
  • National Sleep Foundation recommended

Great, but how do I win it?

Just go to our Facebook Fun Money contest section to enter. While you’re there, check out the rest of what Mogo’s got to offer on social media for exclusive deals, links and ways to spend your time.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?