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I don't want a credit card (but can I live without one?) in 2014

Let’s face it, we all need to spend. Whether it’s online or in person, fun stuff or bills, the average Canadian has money coming in and out. Traditional credit cards make spending easy, but paying hard. Spending aftershock can leave us in total disbelief when the monthly credit card statement finally surfaces. It’s kind of like the shark in Jaws… scary while you can’t see it – and even worse when it shows up.

Can 2014 be different? Will you be able to escape the credit card cycle this year, without missing out on the benefits and ease that you want?


Credit Cards Suck!

Credit cards are the easiest way to spend money you don’t have. Swipe your plastic, sign for it, or key in your pin, and you are committed to spend – later.

Think of the freedom without a credit card. No worrying about what lurks in the financial waters, and no worrying about buying a bigger boat that you can’t afford.

But how can you survive without

a credit card in 2014?


There are those of us out there that just don’t want a credit card (spending aftershock, constantly chasing points, high annual fees) or can’t get a credit card (lengthy approval process, credit score). So what can a casual spender do?

Cash Only – Cash, as they say, is king. Accepted almost anywhere, and extremely colourful, Canadian currency will get you far (as long as you have access to an ATM, are sure you aren’t going to lose it, and have budgeted for an amount you are OK with spending, and don’t mind touching something that’s been sitting around near a stranger’s butt…).

**Debit **- The credit card’s cousin. Sure, it’s plastic and fits in your wallet, but it’s not a credit card. You can’t use it online, and it gives you a direct line to your bank account. If you ask me, that’s not always a good thing.

Mogo can help:

Luckily Mogo has a variety of products that will get money where you need it, whenever you need it.


Mogo Prepaid Visa Card – The credit card that isn’t a credit card. Prepay your balance for all of the great parts of a credit card, with literally none of the downside. That’s a credit card we can get behind.

mini_money_iconMini Money – The everyday line of credit. Up to $500 and more flexible than a gymnast.

zip_money_logoZip Advance – An emergency short term loan – up to $1500 for 30 days. Instant access to cash without any of the headaches of a credit card. You need money, you get money – it’s that simple.

As you can see, there are a ton of ways to navigate financially without using a credit card. Mogo offers up some great choices, but be sure to find out what’s best for you. Explore our options, suggest your own

If you have to use a credit card, trust your Mogo Prepaid Visa Card, and enjoy spending money. Want to know more? See how any over spender can use Mogo to skip fees and have all of the advantages of a credit card – without any of the negatives.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?