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Get some Klout - (perfect for job hunters)

Your Klout score and why it matters so much. Nikki digs deep to find out a new trend in personal online scoring – find out what your reach is, and how it can effect your life on and offline.

Does your Klout matter? Read on to find out! This will be especially helpful to any Mogo-ers that are finishing school and entering the job market. Good luck!

When Sam Fiorella applied for a marketing position at a large Toronto firm, he was sure that his excellent portfolio and 15 years of marketing experience would stand him in good stead. Halfway through the interview, one member of the interview panel asked him for his Klout score. He had no idea what Klout was. The interviewer logged him into Klout where it was discovered that he had a low score of only 34. Sam did not get the job. It went instead to a guy who had a score of 67.

What is Klout?

Klout is an internet app that measures your influence on the Internet and gives you a score from 1-100.  Klout scores are an increasingly popular barometer for measuring the internet reach of individuals. From relative obscurity, Klout is fast becoming a valuable tool to utilize when measuring success.

What exactly does Klout measure?

Klout can be linked to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media outlets. Here it measures how many people you contact regularly, how many people talk about you, post comments on your content, retweet or repost your contributions and how regularly you update your content. This is all added together to get your Klout score.

What can Klout do for you?

Your Klout score can be utilized to measure the extent of your Internet influence. When you become an influential Internet presence and get a high Klout score, companies can send you ‘perks’; free goods sent through Klout by companies hoping for a favorable mention.

Klout scores have been influencing lives in other ways too. You can get great service at restaurants and hotels, even airlines will give you perks when you have a high Klout score in the hopes of getting a friendly mention or at very least preventing a bad review. Klout scoring will grow in popularity and may influence the level of service you get from companies or your future job prospects. Companies that want to improve their Internet presence will want to take advantage of your web network. Get Klout today by logging on using your Twitter or Facebook accounts:

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?