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Great Décor Ideas for Under $20

If you are a struggling artist in a new studio apartment, trying to jazz up your college dorm room or just looking for fun home improvement projects, you don’t have to spend a fortune! All you need is a little imagination and time to make your room pop.

Garage Sale Finds

Buy old candle sticks, ornament, sconces and lamps for a couple of bucks from a garage sale. Take them home and clean them off. Now pick a vibrant solid color like hot pink, lime green or sky blue to totally transform them into something unique. The original item might be old fashioned and fairly hideous, but focus on the shape and look past its initial unsuitability.


Spray Cans

Collect used cans of various sizes. Ensure that there are no sharp edges on the cans. Spray them in a variety of fun colours that suit your décor. Attach the cans to the wall by knocking a nail through the bottom of the can and into the wall. The colourful can are a gorgeous feature and they have the added attraction of providing much needed storage space to keep your room neat and tidy.


Off the Hook

Use old utensils to create fun wall hooks. Forks and knives are handy to hang coats, scarves, keys and hats from while spoons make great receptacles for smaller things like pins, beads, matches and candy. To make the hooks, bend the handles up using pliers. Use a drill to make a hole in the top of the handle and attach to the wall with a screw. You can bend the tines of the forks into interesting shapes too.


Stained Glass

To create a more interesting window and provide additional privacy, take old film strips and attach them to a door or window using glue or tape. The light shining through the negatives will look like a stained glass window.


What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?